We Want to Give Flounder a Hug

Our collective love for The Little Mermaid is not a secret. So, it stands to reason that of all the Disney characters we’d like to give a hug to, Flounder really floats to the top of the list. (#OceanHumor) He’s just so darn cute. Flounder, you’ll always be more than a guppy to us.


Flounder has it rough at some parts in this story. He’s Ariel’s best pal, which you’d think would mean “devoting full time to floating under the sea,” but she’s an adventurer.

The Little Mermaid- Flounder and Ariel


He tried so hard to get out of adventuring, by saying “I think I may be coming down with something. I got this cough.” And then Ariel takes him a little bit into danger. And he has this really great moment in which he says what we’re all thinking when we end up with a friend who’s more daring than we are: “This is great. I mean, I really love this. Excitement. Adventure. Danger lurking around every corner.”

The Little Mermaid- Flounder 2


Then his totally spot-on fears are proven entirely right when a SHARK APPEARS.

The Little Mermaid- Flounder and Shark 4


And he swims away and then there’s that whole Flounder and Ariel swim away from the shark chase sequence culminating in the shark getting stuck…

The Little Mermaid- Flounder and Shark 2



And then Flounder does our most favorite thing ever, which includes teasing the shark and saying “You big bully!”.

The Little Mermaid- Flounder and Shark 1


Then there’s a lot more story in which Ariel gives up her voice and goes on an adventure for love.


Enter the real reason we want to just hug Flounder and never let go: he totally comes through in the end. Even though he’s afraid. And even though he’s just a little fish in a great big ocean. He totally steps up (swims up… how does that work with gills?) when Scuttle realizes Vanessa is *spoiler alert* the Sea Witch in disguise and swims Ariel across the ocean to fight for the man she loves.

The Little Mermaid- Ariel and Flounder 1


And then he celebrates with his pals.

The Little Mermaid- Flounder, Scuttle and Sebastian



And King Triton. Which means he’s officially in with the guy who controls the sea.

The Little Mermaid- The Whole Gang



Oh, Flounder. We know you’re not a guppy. And you make us feel better about the times we’re scared, because we know that being afraid doesn’t mean anything when a friend is in need. You stepped up. And we want to give you a great big hug. To say thanks for being scared and still being a hero.

Posted 4 years Ago
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