Have you ever wondered how Gaston and LeFou met, and went on to become a team? Like… how did that happen? Anyways, that’s not what this article is about. It’s about how we’re concerned for LeFou. We feel like he’s sort of just along for the (evil) ride, and in a bit over his head, and maybe if he knew what a jerk Gaston was from the start, this mismatched partnership would never have happened. But happen it did, so we just wanted to check in and make sure LeFou’s okay. Here’s why we’re worried about the little guy:


The Rhetorical Question
When Gaston asks, “Don’t I deserve the best?” The answer is always yes. Just nod in agreement. Please. We have to ask, are you okay, LeFou?


The Head Plonk
Gaston just chastised LeFou for joking about Maurice. But Gaston was joking about THE SAME THING literally 10 seconds earlier. All good henchmen know that repeating what their evil boss has just said gets you instant brownie points. So, this must’ve come as shock. Are you okay, LeFou?


The Aftermath
LeFou has ended up on the wrong end of Gaston’s laughing fit. If your boss is roughly the size of a barge, do yourself a favor and steer clear of any friendly pats on the shoulder. Also, look closely and you’ll notice that LeFou has been lugging the antlers from Gaston’s latest kill around this entire time. So, again: are you okay, LeFou?


The Don’t Ask
Gaston has just fallen into an especially muddy lake and Belle is nowhere in sight, so asking how the marriage proposal went seems a bit foolhardy. Are you beginning to understand why we’re concerned? Are you okay, LeFou?


The Knockout
It’s LeFou’s big number, which he spends reminding Gaston how great he is. Foolproof, right? Wrong. In a moment of pure over-excitement, LeFou spills his drink all over Gaston. Gaston doesn’t take this lightly. Ouch. Are you okay, LeFou?


The Eggsperiment
Note: Don’t juggle with eggs. Just don’t. Gross. Are you okay, LeFou?


The “I’m Fine”
LeFou is squashed by an enormous chair at the end of the last number and no one thinks to help him out. He has to sing the entire refrain from the under the chair. Not cool, townspeople. Are you okay, LeFou?


The Pain
We have to say, this one is totally LeFou’s fault. Never side with the angry mob, especially when headed to an enchanted castle. Are you okay, LeFou?


As you can see, LeFou is pretty much never okay. Hence our concern. The lesson? Don’t align yourself with the villain. It never ends well. LeFou learned this too late. We hope wherever he is, he’s found a better group of friends, has stopped juggling raw eggs, and generally accepts that he doesn’t need an evil counterpart to be special. Just be you LeFou! That is all.

Posted 4 years Ago
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