How to Tell if Your Roommate is a Monster

Looking at all this Monsters University stuff coming out lately, we got to thinking: what if monsters went to OUR universities? Would we be able to tell? Would it be possible to have a monster roommate and not even know?


Well, we here at Oh My Disney have studied these MU monsters in detail, and we spotted some patterns (and tails, horns, and tentacles). Consider this the definitive guide on how to tell if your roommate is a monster.


He has lots of friends with nontraditional eye placement.
Monsters University- group photo


His beak is bigger than your head.
Monsters University- Beak Monster


His smile spans his entire torso.
Monsters University- Large Purple Smile


Her skin and hair are… brighter than usual.
Monsters University- Sorority Sisters


He has at least one friend with wings.
Monsters University- Wings


Having worm-legs isn’t the most notable thing about him (them?).
Monsters University- Worm


He somewhat resembles a pet you had growing up. (RIP Airhead the gecko.)
Monsters University- Randy


He has sticky fingers (and we’re not talking about stealing).
Monsters University- Don Carlton


One of her friends is JUST AN EYEBALL ON A STICK.
Monsters University- Dark Group Picture


He seems to have an unusual fascination with being scary.
Monsters University- Young Mike


If monsters went to our universities, these are just some of the things we would look for. You can get a more comprehensive guide to the modern monster student on the official Monsters University website.

Posted 5 years Ago
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