The Truth Behind Oh My Disney

There’s been speculation about what happens behind the scenes at Oh My Disney. Like, “who are these people writing about their love for Flynn Rider and how great it would be to have a Mighty Ducks parade?”. Rather than leave you in the dark forever, we decided it might be time to let you all in on the process. It goes a little something like this:


First, we get inspiration from somewhere. Like a phone call.
Oh My Disney Phone Call
On this particular call, someone reminded us how great our fans are. And we thought… how do we show them that we think they’re stellar people?


Second, we brainstorm ideas.
Oh My Disney Meeting Room
We go around the circle and pitch editorial ideas. Some people horse around in these meetings. Others come up with total gems. Gems like “15 Reminders That You’re Great Today.”


Third, said gem pitcher has to write the article.
Oh My Disney Writing
This can take time. And research. And Oh My Disney stickers for extra inspiration.


Fourth, the editors take a look.
Oh My Disney Copy Approved
You might think our editors are total nerds. But you’d be only partially correct. They also help us try to catch all the incorrect apostrophes and name spellings and ellipses. Then, they give their approval.


Fifth, the team looks at the calendar to find a spot for the story.
Oh My Disney Vinylmation Army
As with all group decisions, this involves a lot of staring. And then a consensus.


Sixth, the article is posted.
Oh My Disney Bullseye Says Yes
And the team checks out the post on the blog and says “we really hit the (metaphorical) bullseye with this one.”


Seventh, we celebrate.
Oh My Disney Candy Fest
With candy. Obv.

Posted 4 years Ago
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