There are lots of great things about Vinylmation: the rush you get when selecting a box, the joy/despair that you experience when you open one, the fun to be had arranging them on your desk at work, etc. However, Vinylmation have a lot more to offer than these trivial experiences. They can help us in tough situations. After much consideration, we have compiled the ultimate Vinylmation Emergency Kit to get you out of any jam that comes your way.


When You Get Lost in Your Car or in Life
Follow old Rafiki; he know the way.


When You Have an Injury That Needs Immediate Healing or You Need to Stay Young Forever
Rapunzel, pre-haircut, has the power to do all these things for you. (Warning: you might be evil if you have a weird desire to stay young forever. See: Mother Gothel.)


When You Need a Last-Second Escape or You Need to Save You Queen
He uses science to solve problems like Bill Nye. Basil is the science mouse of the Disney mouse world.


When You Need a Scrappy Inventor
He created a telescope out of a leaf and a drop of water. We bet he can make anything out of anything. Plus, he’s looks on the positive side of life and a little optimism is necessary for any emergency kit.


When You Need to Create an Instant Party Environment
Have you seen the Under the Sea scene lately?? Sebastian takes the ocean from a tad unappealing to awesome in ten seconds flat. (He’s also great for creating an instant romantic environment, obviously.)


When You Need Someone To Kick Some Serious Booty on Your Behalf
Danger, or trouble, she’s there on the double, you know that you always can call KIM POSSIBLE.


When You Need Quality Advice
This might be the most valuable one… great advice could keep you away from other problematic situations. Why do you understand everything, Jiminy Cricket? How do you do it? You are magical.

Posted 4 years Ago
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