What Your Favorite Disney Prince Says About You

You can learn a lot about someone from their choice in favorite Disney Prince. Here are some educated generalizations we’ve arrived at, according to Disney Prince selection.


Prince Phillip

Disney Prince Phillip from Sleeping Beauty
You want a guy that has the whole package: looks, status, AND, most importantly, personality. Lots of Disney princes are plenty tall, charming, and quiet. Prince Phillip, on the other hand, has a sense of humor, can think on his feet (impromptu forest dancing), and also sticks up for what he believes in (won’t just marry Aurora because he’s betrothed to her). You appreciate a guy who  is more than a pretty face… but a pretty face doesn’t hurt either.



Disney Prince Aladdin and Jasmine
Aladdin is by far the most humble and scrappy of all the Disney princes. If you’ve had a crush on Aladdin since you were a wee tot, you probably like a guy with a bit of a wild streak, as long as it’s counterbalanced by some genuine sweetness. Gotta watch out for these guys a bit, they can get in a little over their heads sometimes with their crazy ideas and penchant for hijinks.


Prince Charming

Disney Prince Charming in Cinderella
If you’ve always had a thing for Cinderella’s main fling, you’re probably a bit of a Disney traditionalist. Pretty much all we know about Charming is that he is a prince (with good taste in ladies!) who also happens to be charming. If Prince charming is for you, you don’t ask much from life, just a tiara and to be treated like a Princess by a guy who looks good in formal attire.


Flynn Rider
Disney Prince Flyyn Rider in Tangled
Flynn Rider is one of the most un-princely Disney princes, what with his wanted status and refusal to sing and all. If you fancy yourself a Flynn fan, you probably like a slightly less traditional dude, maybe a little more rugged and outgoing than polished and prince-like. You might find yourself seeking adventure from time to time, maybe even some danger and excitement, and a Flynn-like prince might be the right kind of partner in crime.


Prince Eric

Disney Prince Eric in The Little Mermaid
Prince Eric is one of those reluctant princes who doesn’t even know how attractive he is, thereby making him about 10x more attractive. If you find Prince Eric to be your type–and who doesn’t?–you might be more into a dude who’s a bit more lookish than bookish. Let’s face it; Prince Eric wasn’t too quick to figure out who Ariel was, but if you’re anything like Ariel, that twinkle in his eye will easily help you forget that Eric’s dog Max essentially figured out what was going on before he did.


The Prince from Snow White

Disney Prince Snow White
We never get much of a personality read on this guy either, outside of the fact that he’s charming and seems to have really great timing. If you’ve always been into Snow White’s prince, you probably possess a flair for the magical, romantic, and theatrical: a dude who surprises you, saves the day, and can burst into song for you out of nowhere. You appreciate showmanship, and there’s nothing wrong with that.


Prince Naveen

Disney Prince Naveen as frog in Princess and the Frog
Naveen is a bit of a flip-flopper, and definitely a smooth-talker, even when he’s in frog form. Bottom line: he is able to convince one of the most level-headed female Disney protagonists to kiss him while he was in frog form. If you’ve got a mild crush on Naveen, you probably like being wooed and treated to all the enjoyable things in life. Don’t we all! Just make sure that your prince happens to not be as smooth of a salesman as the flashy but well-intentioned Prince Naveen.


Prince Edward

Disney Prince Edward in Enchanted
You like puffy sleeves.

Posted 8 years Ago
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