How Epcot Partied Like it Was 1999

You guys, we just found the best thing. We were doing some perusing in old Disney magazines (we miss you) and we discovered gold: how Epcot celebrated the millennium. We’re in a nostalgic state nearly 24/7, so this was like a holiday for us. A really great holiday. One where there’s candy and celebrating and other things. Seriously. Here are 6 totally great things we learned:

1. The celebration lasted 15 months.

2. There was a 23-story-high icon of Mickey’s glove touching a wand to Spaceship Earth. 23. stories. high.

3. Five photo stations were set up for Guests to take photos so they could be included in one of the 700,000 steel-plated visages on a monument.

4. Those photos we mentioned, they required the largest digital photo studio in the world to be set up. NBD.

5. There was a 60,000-square-foot tentlike structure filled with Millennium Village houses.

6. The man-powered puppets soared as high as 20 feet above parade goers.

You can see the epic pages of this magazine for yourself if you don’t believe us:

Disney Millennium 1

Disney Millennium 2

Disney Millennium 3

Disney Millennium 4

Disney Millennium 5

Disney Millennium 6

Disney Millennium 7

There were also a whole bunch of other things going on while the clock turned to the 2000 mark. For reference, these things were things like Fantasia 2000 and The Emperor’s New Groove being in theaters. Both of which we love. After all this, we’ve come to the conclusion that Disney really knows how to ring in a new thousand years.


Posted 4 years Ago
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