Reasons Why We’re Excited that The Muppet Movie is Coming to Blu-ray!

We have the most sensational, inspirational, celebrational, muppetational news: The Muppet Movie Almost 35th Anniversary Edition is coming out August 13th! You might have noticed that we are VERY excited. Here are a few reasons that we’re super pumped to get our copies of the movie and will be ordering it immediately.


Gonzo and Camilla.
Never have a weirdo and a chicken shared such a loving relationship. Also, Camilla totally wears the pants. We appreciate that.


Two words: Rainbow. Connection.
Why are there so many songs about rainbows? We’ve never wanted to live in a swamp more than this moment.


Kermit riding his bike.
Is it just us, or this scene part mesmerizing and part hypnotic? We could watch Kermit ride that bike all day (but not in a creepy way).


Seeing a bear in his natural habitat.
A Studdebaker.


“Movin’ Right Along.”
This song is SO underrated. First they end up in Canada (on their way to Hollywood), then it starts snowing (in the middle of summer), and in the process Kermit and Fozzie become best friends and meet the whole gang!


The Electric Mayhem and their party bus.
Janice! Dr. Teeth! Zoot! Animal! Floyd Pepper! Wow, this psychedelic symphony is the greatest like totally AND for sure.


Miss Piggy’s hilarious dream sequence.
Seconds after meeting Kermit, Piggy is imaging all manner of romantic outings, but even in her dream, Kermit isn’t quite sure what’s going on.


The fact the Fozzie orders dragonfly ripple ice cream for Kermit…
…and the random ice cream cart totally has that flavor. Apparently dragonfly ice cream is a common request?


The part where Miss Piggy and Kermit find themselves in a precarious situation…
…Which only solidifies their feelings for each other! Well, Miss Piggy’s feeling at least.


Kermit’s face as he watches Piggy kick the butts of every bad guy in the room.
This is not a pig to mess with, he seems to be noting in his head.


When Piggy hitchhikes!
We highly doubt she’s hitchhiked since.


Meep! Meep!
‘Nuf said.


This outfit.
How is it that a pig can pull off wearing a turban, but we look completely ridiculous in them?


And when they finally make it to Hollywood!
And sign a “Standard Rich and Famous Contract.”


We couldn’t help ourselves.


Now do you get why we’re so excited about The Muppet Movie Almost 35th Anniversary Edition? We hope so. Actually we kind of know so.


Posted 9 years Ago
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