Things You Do For Friends

Friends are important. And we would do a lot for them. But sometimes we need a little help to show them how much we care. Thankfully some Disney friendship experts have inspiration for us:


Go along for the ride

Friends Dory and Marlin

Not many people (or fish for that matter) would drop everything and swim across the ocean to help find a stranger’s child. But as we know, we should all try to be like Dory.


Celebrate birthdays

Friends Fairies from Sleeping beauty

Flora, Fauna and Merryweather just want to give Aurora the best birthday ever. Any friend would appreciate that. (But we’re not sure if we can beat a cake with that many layers.)


Stick through the rough (and cold) times

Friends LeFou and Gaston

Oh LeFou. You might be Gaston’s only true friend, but you sure are a loyal one. We hope you’re okay in that snow.


Prioritize friends above honey

Friends Winnie the Pooh

We’re not sure how Pooh denied his rumbly tumbly the sweet satisfaction of a pot of honey. But what a heartwarming tail of friendship. (The pun was unavoidable.)


Chase away unwanted suitors

Friends Rajah from Aladdin

Always an important task for a friend. Although it might be hard to be as effective as Rajah at fending them off.


Dress in drag and do the hula

Friends Timon and Pumbaa

Timon and Pumbaa know it’s the best way to distract a person. . . or hyena. (But we hope we’re never in a hyena threat situation.)


Be there for back-up

Friends Frozone from The Incredibles

We all have an Omnidroid in our lives to conquer. It’s better if friends are there to help us, whether they’re supers or not.


Teach a new trick

Friends Lilo and Stitch

Expand friends’ hobbies beyond the horizon (obviously we’ve got Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride stuck in our heads).


Show the good and the bad sides

Friends Kuzco and Pacha

In Kuzco’s case, his bad self is really his heroic life-saving self. But we won’t tell him that.


Do the unexpected

Friends Mike and Sulley

Mike glued together a door made of tiny shards of wood. It’s not what we expected. There were so many splinters. And so much friendship.

Posted 4 years Ago
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