What Not to Do in a Tantrum

Cinderella’s prince is charming. But the same can’t always be said of her eventual father-in-law. Sure, all he wants is for his son to be happy (really, all he wants is grandkids and that’s okay too), but he gets a little worked up about it along the way. It happens to the best of us, but there are some tantrum tactics that are simply best to avoid. The King helpfully (or unhelpfully for the Grand Duke) points some of them out for us:


Don’t be sneaky about emotions

cinderella 1
The King is sliding across his marble desk. He looks blissfully happy, right? Oh no. He’s about to slide right into a meltdown.


Don’t throw a crown out the window

cinderella 2
Good advice for any situation. Throwing jewels out the window is particularly regrettable when done in the heat of the moment.


Don’t resort to hatchet-throwing

cinderella 3
Sometimes it’s better to just bury said hatchet.


Don’t wield a sword

cinderella 4
For obvious reasons, this is to be avoided at all costs if you’re worked up about something.


Don’t wield a sword while jumping on the bed

cinderella 5
One word: balance. It’s always (always!) better to fall on your sword figuratively. Never never literally.


Don’t go swinging from the chandeliers

cinderella 6
Tantrums can bring out a primitive side in us, but be careful about monkeying around. Even if the anger has subsided.

Why, you ask?

Because of this:

cinderella 7
That’s a chandelier. In a bed. Not fun.

Posted 4 years Ago
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