15 Stellar Moments From I Just Can’t Wait to Be King

Of all the scenes in classic Disney movies, I Just Can’t Wait To Be King really rises to the top of the herd. It’s epic, it’s colorful, and it’s catchy. Really catchy. We challenge you to listen to the song without singing along. It was hard for us to pinpoint one thing we loved most about this musical masterpiece, so we picked 15.


1. The beginning
The Lion King- Simba and Zazu
When the world starts to change color and Simba basically challenges Zazu to a color duel.


2. Simba with a mane made of leaves
The Lion King- Simba
He really is the mane event like no king was before. (#JunglePuns)


3. Simba working on his roar
The Lion King- Simba and Zazu 2
We vehemently disagree with Zazu. We think it’s a rather inspiring thing.


4. Simba and Nala having the best time ever
The Lion King- Simba and Nala Running In Water
Running through rivers while singing is notoriously great for future romance potential. Look it up.


5. These silly faces
The Lion King- Simba Silly Faces
They make us giggle so much.


6. Ostrich rides
The Lion King- Simba and Nala 2
Anyone who can help us achieve this in our real lives should tweet us at @OhMyDisney.


7. Zazu and the rhino
The Lion King- Zazu and Rhino
Poor guy. He just wanted a heart-to-heart with Simba. (Also, pay attention. The saga of Zazu and this rhino isn’t yet over.)


8. How much Simba just can’t wait to be king
The Lion King- Simba and Nala 3
Also, how cool would it be to be running through zebras? (File under: future band name.)


9. Zazu’s protest
The Lion King- Zazu In Water
You tell ‘em, dude. But watch out for that cliff! And also: how can we get our pools to have cool patterns like this?


10. The jungle animals looking left (and looking right)
The Lion King- Animals Moving to the Left
It really 2.0s the song lyrics when they move side to side like that. And Zazu getting trampled is a little amusing. Okay a lot.


11. Jungle animals playing telephone
The Lion King- Animal Telephone


12. This moment that we’ve never noticed and now find adorable
The Lion King- Simba and Nala 4
There’s nothing about it that we don’t love.


13. Singing animals
The Lion King- Birds

The Lion King- Animal Circles
And those elephants with attitude.


14. Giant tower of jungle animals
The Lion King- Tower of Animals
It puts cheerleader pyramids to shame.


15. The big finish
The Lion King- Zazu and Rhino End
AKA that time Zazu gets sat on by a large rhino. (See… we told you their story had more.)


If we said we didn’t want to watch this scene again right now, we’d for sure be lion. (#JunglePuns)


P.S. Here’s this GIF for you. It was almost too stellar to give a number to, so we’ll call it 16 to infinity:
The Lion King Simba GIF

Posted 7 years Ago
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