In 1995, our lives were forever changed. Changed by a film called A Goofy Movie. While the entirety of this masterpiece lives on in our hearts, one song in particular is always on our minds. It’s a lesson in what it takes to set yourself apart and be totally awesome. In case you were busy while we were all enjoying this cinematic achievement, the song we speak of is Stand Out.

Max (who we think is a totally underrated Disney teenager) *spoiler alert* poses as Powerline, a super awesome pop singer.
A Goofy Movie- Max Dancing

He then proceeds to hijack the assembly just before school lets out for the summer and perform an instant smash hit.
A Goofy Movie- Max Intro Dance

And, in so doing, he manages to impress the girl he likes.
A Goofy Movie- Max and Roxanne

And he brings out attention to an anthem that includes some entirely stellar lyrics to illustrate how life is about standing out from the crowd. The next time you need a little help reminding yourself, just think the following (cue all the lyrics Max has a chance to sing before he gets a little bit busted):

Some people settle for the typical thing,
Livin’ all their lives waiting in the wings.
It ain’t a question of “if”, just a matter of time
Before I move to the front of the line.

Once you’re watching every move that I make,
You gotta believe that I got what it takes…
To stand out, above the crowd
Even if I gotta shout out loud,
‘Til mine is the only face you’ll see
Gonna stand out… ’till ya notice me.

If I could make you stop and take a look at me
instead of just, walkin’ by.
There’s nothin that I wouldn’t do if it was gettin’ you to notice…
I’m alive.
All I need is half a chance,
a second thought, a second glance
To prove, I got whatever it takes…

It’s a piece of cake.

To stand out, above the crowd
Even if I gotta shout out loud
‘Til mine is the only face you’ll see
Gonna, stand out, staaaand out!

OMD Editor’s Note: We don’t encourage getting in trouble with principals and interrupting important assemblies, because those situations often end up like this:
A Goofy Movie- Max not Powerline

However, we do whole heartedly encourage the desire to be a pop star and all that entails. Because those situations often involve things like this:
A Goofy Movie- Max in the air
And who doesn’t want that?

Posted 4 years Ago
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