Disney Moments We Want to Experience In Real Life

Disney movies are full of magical moments. Too magical. We can’t help but wish they would happen in our actual lives.


At Last I See the Light – Tangled
Disney Moments- Rapunzel
Not only is Rapunzel seeing the lanterns up close for the first time in her entire life, but she’s falling in love with Flynn at the same time. On top of that, they are surrounded by thousands of floating, glowing lanterns, making this one of the most beautiful Disney scenes out there (and that’s really saying something).


Christmas – Lady and the Tramp
Disney Moments- Lady as Christmas gift
This is perhaps the most picturesque Christmas scene ever, complete with amazing choral music and lightly falling snow. Cut to Darling’s romantic husband giving her an innocent looking hatbox that secretly contains the world’s most perfect puppy. Why has this not happened to us yet? Men, take a lesson from Jim Dear.


A Spoonful of Sugar – Mary Poppins
Disney Moments- Mary Poppins Cleaning Room
We want Mary Poppins to come teach us how to clean our rooms with magic,  while singing us an iconic song. This needs very little explanation.


A Whole New World – Aladdin
Disney Moments- A Whole New World
Jasmine isn’t quite sure about this Prince Ali guy, then all of a sudden, she is quite literally swept off her feet. The more he sings to her, the more she realizes that he actually understands what she wants. (Let’s ignore the fact that he’s still lying to her about his identity at this point, mmmkay?) Then, she gets to see a handful of the world’s major landmarks, by carpet, in one song, while falling in love. Best night ever?


Learning to Fly – Peter Pan
Disney Moments- Peter Pan Flying
The kids get to have pixie dust fall on them like magical snow, think of the happiest things, and then actually fly through the beautiful London sky. They even STAND on BIG BEN before heading off to Never Land. We need it.


Bursting into Song – High School Musical
Disney Moments- High School Musical Dance Scene
These kids are going about a typical day in the cafeteria when they slowly but surely begin bursting into song and dance… together. If high school was like this in real life we would have had way more fun (and Zac Efron would have been there).


Little April Shower – Bambi
Disney Moments- April Shower Bambi
If rain always sounded this pretty, we would be tempted to hate the sun. We just want a raindrop to fall our on heads accompanied by a melodic drip drip drop. Is that too much to ask?


Be Our Guest – Beauty and the Beast
Disney Moments- Be Our Guest 1
Disney Moments- Be Our Guest 2
This is arguably the best meal served in any Disney movie. Belle gets to witness a Broadway-quality stage show, starring countless enchanted objects. As this is happening, she is treated to several world-class dishes, including the famous grey stuff. Jealous.


Dress Scene – Cinderella
Disney Moments- Cinderella's New Dress
Cinderella has just experienced some major magic (seeing pumpkins turn into carriages and all) but she still has nothing to wear to the ball. We’ve all been there. But with a flick of her wrist, the Fairy Godmother turns Cinderella’s rags into the most beautiful dress at the ball. Just once, we’d like to experience this phenomenon. JUST ONCE.


If these moments can’t happen to us in real life, we guess we’ll just have to watch the movies… again. (We actually think the puppy one seems pretty realistic. HINT HINT.)

Posted 8 years Ago
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