If we were ever in a shipwreck, or stuck on a desert island, or just wanted a chat with a friend, we’d want that friend to be Jane Porter from Tarzan. She’s pretty much the greatest. She loves art, nature, science, and takes no nonsense from anyone. To put it plainly: don’t mess.


A baboon has just stolen Jane’s sketch. Some girls might shrug their shoulders and move on. Not Jane.
She literally gives the baboon until the count of the three to give her the sketch. THEN she totally tricks the baboon and steals it back! Amazing. (Did we mention she’s been in the jungle for all of thirty seconds?)


Okay, yes. This angers the baboons family and they start to chase her. Scary? Undoubtedly. Tarzan swoops in to help, but Jane’s hardly a damsel in distress.
Using her umbrella (perfect outfit/accessory coordination, by the way) she blocks the baboons! (We most likely would just have been screaming at this point.)


Don’t tickle Jane.
She will kick you in the face.


She runs in front of Clayton to stop him from shooting Tarzan.
This certainly takes courage.


And what about this moment when she totally schools Clayton?
“Mr. Clayton, I think I’ll take it from here.” Snap!!


We have to pause because of this moment of adorable.
THE CUTEST. Okay, let’s continue.


Also, she’s totally down to swing on random vines in musical montages.
No fear, are we right?


She even speaks Gorilla.
We mean… amazing.


When she realizes what she wants, she goes for it!
Let this be a lesson to us all.


And that, friends, is why we implore whoever’s thinking about it to just go ahead and not mess with Jane. The End.

Posted 4 years Ago
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