Lesser-Known DuckTales Characters

When you think “DuckTales,” you probably think Scrooge McDuck, Huey, Dewey, and Louie. Well, get ready to have your brain dunked into some Duckburg nostalgia as we remind you of some of the supporting characters who used to join in on the “duck blur.” Let’s get quacking.


Webbigail “Webby” Vanderquack

DuckTales Webigail Vanderquack
WEBBY WAS SO CUTE! If you were ever the youngest sibling or cousin in a group, you totally knew how Webbigail felt—sort of left out, sort of patronized for being adorable and little. Ooo, ooo, and do you remember how cute her little duck voice was?


Mrs. Betina Beakley

DuckTales Betina Beakley
Sort of the maid/nanny/voice of reason in the mansion, and (did you know!?) grandmother of Webby.


Duckworth the Butler

DuckTales Duckworth the butler
We would say that his name is self-explanatory, except for the whole “Duck” part. It is an agreed-upon fact that Duckworth is actually a dog.


Launchpad McQuack

DuckTales Launchpad McQuack
Ole’ Launchpad! This guy simply COULD NOT land a plane without crashing, except for that one time in “The Golden Goose.” He also shows up in Darkwing Duck, in case he looked particularly familiar.


Glittering Goldie

DuckTales Glittering Goldie
Scrooge would be in love with a total gold digger, wouldn’t he? Their love story is more tragic than romantic, but at least it proves that old Scrooge’s heart beats for something other than cash.


Bubba the Caveduck

DuckTales Bubba the Cave Duck
This is the wild child duck that Scrooge adopts after he finds his way to the present through a time machine. You know, the oldest story in the book.


Flintheart Glomgold

DuckTales flinheart Glomgold
Also Scottish and also rich, let it be known that Glomgold is the **SECOND** richest duck in Duckburg, ahem. Glomgold is set on unseating Scrooge as the richest duck, which drives a lot of the action in the show.


The Beagle Boys

DuckTales The Beagle Boys
Aptly named, because they are dogs. Along with their mom, “Ma,” these guys are always trying to rob Scrooge, too. It was always hard to keep them all straight, but names of the Beagle Boys include gems like Bigtime, Babyface, Bankjob, Burger, Baggy, and Bebop.


Magica De Spell

DuckTales Magica De Spell
Best and most mysterious duck villain. Like all the other villains in Duckburg, Magica is after Scrooge’s fortune (duh). Actually, Magica is primarily after Scrooge’s precious “Number One Dime,” the first dime he ever earned, as she believes it is the key to nabbing all of his wealth. She is extra special for having hair so shiny, it’s purple.



DuckTales Genie
You remember this guy because he was the duck genie that came out of the magic lamp in DuckTales the Movie: Treasure of the Lost Lamp. You’ll also remember that he actually wears little slippers over his duck feet, which must feel weird.


Gizmo Duck

DuckTales Gizmo Duck
What a name! He’s actually Scrooge’s accountant, real name Fenton Crackshell, also kind of a crazy name. But when he’s in his Gizmo suit, Fenton becomes Scrooge’s sort of accident-prone bodyguard.


Gyro Gearloose

DuckTales Gyro Gearloose
Gyro is one of the few birds on DuckTales who is a chicken, not a duck. Gyro comes up with tons of ideas, all of which he never quite executes correctly. Cut to invention hijinks, of course. Bonus points if you remember his “Little Helper,” that little robot that helps him out, or his thinking cap.

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