Oh My Disney’s Guide To A Good Night’s Sleep

Trying to catch up on some zzzzs can be challenging, especially when it’s hard to find that super comfy spot to lie down. Tossing and turning is just no fun. Since we can’t be Sleepy all the time, here’s a Disney-inspired guide to getting a good night’s sleep:


Count Dalmatians

good night one hundred and one dalmations

The days of counting sheep are long gone. Imagine counting one hundred and one of these cute little fellows. Your dreams would probably be extra precious.


Have A Problem-Free Philosophy

good night lion king

No worries equals a good night’s sleep.


Light Reading

good night beauty and the beast

Let your mind unwind with a good story.


Have a Princess Sing You to Sleep

Cinderella good night

Soundtracks are clearly the best way to accomplish this. Or have a skilled friend do her best Cinderella and you’ll drift right off into dreaming.



Scary Feet good night

Everybody knows that when you’re tired you sleep better. So, get your body up and moving before bed. Maybe some scary feet is just what you need (not in real-life of course).


Listen to Soft Music

good night fantasia

One word: Fantasia.


Don’t Fall Asleep Too Early

Power through the yawn. The earlier you drift, the harder it is to stay asleep until the morning.


Follow these tips and you’ll be on your way to a peaceful night. Sweet dreams, guys.

Posted 4 years Ago
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