Best Moments From the New Monsters University Trailer

Pop quiz, hotshot: are you ready for the final Monsters University trailer? Well, get ready to pay attention, because we’ll be reviewing the best moments immediately following the trailer. Pencils ready! You may begin… now!


Okay class, now it’s time to review the best moments. (Feel free to watch again if you didn’t get the full effect the first time through.)


Obviously the biggest scene-stealer is little Mike Wazowski at the very moment he decides he wants to be a scarer when he grows up.
monsters university baby mike


But almost as significant is the meeting between these two. Foreshadowing!!!
monsters university mike and sulley handshake


We loved when Sulley did this, even though it was because he thinks he’s super cool.
monsters university sulley pointing


And while Sulley is busy being super cool, Mike is busy studying at the expense of innocent bystanders.
monsters university zamboni


We can finally answer the age-old question: how much does Sulley actually shed? (A lot!)
monsters university shedding


And let’s not forget that we’re dealing with a university of scaring, so there were some scary moments too, like these terrifying girls:
monsters university sorority


And this librarian who will now haunt our dreams:
monsters university librarian


This moment is classic circular GIF-fodder, so it obviously makes the cut.


And to end on a happy note, let’s watch Terri and Terry dance!
monsters university terry and terri


Don’t forget to see Monsters University in 3D, in theaters June 21!


Posted 9 years Ago
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