15 Signs You Might Be a Princess

Do you ever wonder what makes a princess a princess (apart from the whole daughter of a king/queen thing)? We do. These are the really important questions we ask ourselves here at Oh My Disney. Even some of the Disney Princesses themselves sometimes don’t realize they’re princesses for most of their movies. It can be hard to figure out if you’re a princess or not. So, what follows are some foolproof signs that you might, in fact, be a princess. Take note.


If You Have a Pet Tiger
Pet tigers aren’t an everyday thing. If you have one, you’re important, and it logically follows that you’re probably a princess.


If You Were Raised by Three Women in the Woods
Again, this is not a typical living situation. Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather do their best to hide that they’re fairies, but we feel like they most likely slipped a few times in sixteen years. Pay close attention to your caregivers when being raised in the woods, because if this sounds like your life, you’re most likely a princess.


If it’s Totally Normal for You Talk to Animals
Newsflash princesses: Animals don’t talk to us normal people. If they’re talking to you (and are actively helping you achieve your happily ever after), it’s pretty much guaranteed that you have some royal blood.


If When the Prince Sees You, No One Else Matters
Cinderella didn’t start out as a princess, but Prince Charming knows princess material when he sees it.


If Your Presence Makes Everyone a Better Person
By “everyone” we mean the grumpiest of dwarfs, the sweetest of woodland creatures, and even a huntsman whose job was literally to kill you.


If You’re the Only One in Your Village Cool Enough to go to the Enchanted Castle
Belle was always princess material, but it was her sense of adventure and ability to see beyond appearances that set her apart. She knew she wanted more than that provincial life. And she totally got it.


If You Just Saved China
You might be a princess. And you. are. awesome.


If Lanterns Appear in the Sky Every Year on Your Birthday
Lanterns have yet to appear in the sky on our birthdays, and (sadly) we’re not princesses. So if there are lanterns in the sky every year on your birthday, take the hint.


If You’ll Be Shootin’ For Your Own Hand
Not everyone gets to attend a tournament in which various men vie for their hand in marriage via archery. Whether you decide to shoot for you own hand or not, the fact that there’s competition involved raises the probability that you’re a princess.


If You Can Paint with all the Colors of the Wind
You have mad skillz. Also, you’re probably a princess.


If You’ve Kissed a Frog
You either want to be a princess REALLY badly, you are a princess, or you want to open a restaurant. We hope it was worth it. (Totally was for our girl Tiana!)


If You Live with an Evil Queen
Evil Queens are a telltale sign that you’re secretly a princess. Because, well, they’re queens and they’re evil. They walk around talking to mirrors, carrying boxes of hearts, and generally try to ruin your life. We’re not great at math, but if you live with an evil queen, we think it adds up to you being a princess.


If The Entire Kingdom Comes to Hear You Sing
You probably have a great voice, but you’re definitely a princess. Who would turn down an invite to the palace from the King himself? No one. (Except Ariel…what are we gonna do with that girl?)


If There is a Spell on You Involving a Spindle
Firstly, yikes, we’re really sorry about the evil spell thing. Secondly, the only reason a crazy witch would have to arrange such a spell would be because you’re a princess and she’s not happy about it. So this one’s good and bad, really. But it all works out in the end!


If Animals Band Together to Help You
We’re back to the animals thing, but it’s really important. If animals (that we’ve already established are your friends and biggest fans) start making things for you, like a dress for example, you’re special. And princesses are special.


These aren’t the only signs you might be a princess, but they’re super important ones. So, we hope you were paying attention. Think you might be a princess? Good for you. As earlier established we are not princesses, and are therefore jealous of you.

Posted 4 years Ago
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