Disney Memes for any Situation: Part 1

Sometimes you just need a really good meme. A meme that expresses exactly what you’re feeling, and what you want—nay—MUST share with the world (read: internet). Look no farther. We have created a series of Disney memes for (almost) every situation. Let’s get started.


We use this meme when we feel like people are missing an obvious point.
Or when we need a daily dose of Captain Jack Sparrow. Savvy?


This is just a general reminder not to judge a book by its cover.
disney_memes_beast_beauty and the beast
Or an old lady by her…old lady-ness.


This one makes us feel great about ourselves.
disney_memes_maleficent_sleeping beauty
Because our best friends are totally people and not evil ravens.


Warning: inspirational meme ahead.
Sometimes we need a reminder that dreams are great and we should never give up on them.


When we feel like knocking our heads on our desks…
disney_memes_the lion king_timon_pumbaa
…we refrain from doing that (ouch) and share this meme instead.


When we’re having a rough day…
disney_memes_king_candy_wreck-it ralph
…we like to remind ourselves that we don’t have to bribe people with candy to get them to like us.


Daily Flynn fix!
But also, what a bummer about the nose thing. We totally get it.


We sometimes have days where we feel like these penguins.
Standing up (and not falling down) and forming sentences can be a lot of effort. Thus, we have this meme.


Let’s face it: Rowlf is the greatest.
This meme reminds us that, while napping is great, there’s such a thing as too much napping.


Thus we conclude our first installment of Disney memes. Obviously we’ve only just scratched the surface of awesome Disney meme-terial, so stay tuned. But in the meantime, use these memes often, with fervor, and just generally enjoy them. That is all.

Posted 7 years Ago
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