Disney Best Friends Are More Magical

Best friends are cool, but Disney best friends are even cooler. Take a look at some of our favorite friendships from the wonderful world of Disney.


Cogsworth and Lumiere
DisneyBestFriends_Cogsworth and Lumiere

Frenemies or not, these two definitely qualify as BFFs. And they’re pretty magical. First of all, they’re enchanted objects. ENCHANTED. Second of all, they are able to sing and dance and pull off extraordinarily choreographed dance numbers at the drop of the proverbial hat. (Neither of them is wearing a hat, after all.) They also manage to help orchestrate one of the greatest love stories of our time (the tale as old as time to be exact).


Aladdin and Genie
DisneyBestFriends_Aladdin and Genie

One of these two is a genie, so our argument is sort of made right there. But there’s also the fact that they both use his magic to do things for each other. Selfless things. The kinds of things that only best friends can really do. Like sacrifice their potential happiness for the other one’s happiness. (You go, Aladdin.) We feel like that makes them magical.


Finley and China Girl (and also Oscar Diggs)
DisneyBestFriends_Finley, China Girl and Oscar Diggs

Again, frenemies at some points in the story of Oz the Great and Powerful. And yet, these guys were there when their friends needed them most. Using *magic* glue to fix what was broken and tricking people with *magic* so that good could prevail—that’s pretty deep. And also pretty great. Besides, they’re a crack up. We fully admit to laughing out loud when they were trying to come up with a plan in the sand.


Dumbo and Timothy Q. Mouse
DisneyBestFriends_Dumbo and Timothy Q. Mouse

Here’s a set of two with so much magic it’s almost out of control. We mean, sure the magic was just faith. But an elephant flew. So there’s that. But there’s also the everyday life kind of magic that comes from one friend lifting the other’s spirits up so high that he can actually fly. This seems to us like the true meaning of best friendship: helping someone realize they can do more than they ever imagined. Oh, Timothy Q. We heart you.


Peter Pan and Tinker Bell
DisneyBestFriends_Tink and PeterPan

Where do we even start with these guys? How about the part where she selflessly fights and tries to help Peter defeat Captain Hook? Oh, or the part where Tink helps Peter’s new friends (Wendy, John, and Michael) fly by giving them pixie dust? Yeah, that was pretty legit.


The Lost Boys
DisneyBestFriends_The Lost Boys

We know. This makes two sets in Peter Pan. But we can’t help it. All these guys have is each other (and Peter), and somehow they manage to teach us all that being lost doesn’t mean you’re alone. Heartwarming alert. Maybe it’s not technically magic, but it feels pretty magical to us. Plus they never grow up. Which sounds kind of intriguing.


Hercules and Pegasus
DisneyBestFriends_Hercules and Pegasus

These two have been friends since Herc was just a baby god. And Pegasus was the cutest thing that ever existed. And, again, one of these two is a Pegasus. Who flies. Magic. And, of course, there’s the whole help each other when they need it most thing, which qualifies them for BFF status.


Marlin and Dory
DisneyBestFriends_Marlin and Dory

You might be thinking, “what magic is involved in this friendship?”. And we don’t blame you. But need we remind you that these two battled jellyfish, navigated the ocean, rode the EAC, spoke whale, ended up inside a whale, and still managed to find Marlin’s lost son? Seriously, guys. That’s magic. And, despite their disagreements and moments of frustration because Dory has a slight memory issue, these two really stuck together through it all.


Lilo and Stitch
DisneyBestFriends_Lilo and Stitch

Somehow Lilo found a way to be besties with an alien. And teach it about the importance of family and the fact that nobody gets left behind. She retrained an extraterrestrial being to act like a slightly stranger pet who likes to read children’s books and eat cake. Granted, he did eat the piece of cake whole, but still. That’s impressive. And pretty magical in the scheme of the universe.


Tiana and Charlotte
DisneyBestFriends_Tiana and Charlotte

We’re just going to come right out and say it: these two don’t get enough credit. They’ve been friends since childhood (remember how cute they were in those tiny princess dresses) and they really stick by one another. Sure, Charlotte has some lofty goals for her romantic life and that threatens to be a huge problem when Tiana finally finds a man she loves, but Charlotte does the right thing and tries to help her bestie. And the whole thing involves kissing a frog to become a princess. So, yeah. Magic.


Winnie the Pooh and Christopher Robin
The number of heartwarming moments between these two is so astronomical that we’re not sure modern mathematics can count that high. Like the time Christopher tells Winnie the Pooh that he’s braver than he believes, and stronger than he seems, and smarter than he thinks. (Confession: we remind ourselves of that sometimes when we need a pick-me-up.) Pooh Bear and Christopher Robin are there for each other through thick and thin, and that time Winnie the Pooh was a little black rain cloud (of course). They make us feel like anything is possible as long as you have a pal by your side. And that kind of warm and fuzziness deserves the title of magical.

Posted 4 years Ago
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