A new day, a new puppy. At least that’s what it looks like everywhere we turn on the internet. We rarely go a day without seeing someone post an adorable little canine. And then there are the days where we actively seek out pictures of puppies and we’re just done for. It makes us want our very own immediately, and we get lost in figuring out which dog we would actually want.


The Ultimate Companion: Pluto
He’s always there for Mickey no matter what. If you’re looking for a dog to faithfully follow you on all your adventures (or misadventures), go for Pluto.


The Playful One: Max
Eric’s buddy will dance right along if you’re playing the snarfblatt or follow you right into the ocean if it means a chance to play with you.


The Road Tripper: Tramp
He’s not afraid to go see new places. Tramp’s the type of dog that will keep you on your toes and help you discover new places to eat and the best views of town.


The One Who Gets Along With Everyone: Copper
Species doesn’t matter to this hound. If your house is filled with all kinds of shapes, species and sizes, Copper is a good addition.


The Spoiled Senseless One: Percy
Some canines require a little (or a lot) of extra attention. Percy is one of those dogs.


The Feline-chaser: Bruno
For anyone who’s not a cat person.


The Incessantly Calm One: Perdita
It doesn’t matter the situation, Perdita is such a soothing presence. She’s the type of dog we dream of having around when things get stressful.


The Last One Standing: Zero
You know he’ll be there until (and beyond) the very end. You can’t beat commitment like that.


The Inspirational One: Sparky
Pets can be some of the best muses and can really put some life back into our work.


The Musical One: Dodger
If you like the crooning type, obviously go for a dog like Dodger. He can easily make you wonder why you should even worry.


The One Who’ll Get Us To Do Anything With That Puppy Face: Bolt
We just can’t even continue.


The Unconditional Loving One: Dug
“I have just met you, and I love you.” That’s all we could ever want from a dog.


The Honorary Dog: Stitch
Lilo was convinced he was a dog, so we’ll say he’s a dog.

Posted 8 years Ago
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