Ode to Finley and China Girl

It’s “Oh My Disney is going to make a bold statement” time again. Finley and China Girl are awesome. Nay, they’re spectacular. They’re who we’d want by our sides if we had to try and track down a wicked witch. And now that Oz the Great and Powerful is out on Blu-ray, we can keep them with us always. They’re comic relief, they’re “aw” inspiring, and they’re one of our most favorite parts of Oz the Great and Powerful.


First, they always know just what to say.
Oz the Great and Powerful-Finley-2
This is a clutch phrase, Finley. What great foreshadowing techniques you have worked into three short words.


Oz the Great and Powerful-China-Girl-2
Coming out of a very very small girl made of porcelain, this was pretty epic. It also happened to be just what the guys needed for motivation.


Second, they’re not into subtlety.
Oz the Great and Powerful-Finley-4
True and funny. Well played, our flying friend.


Oz the Great and Powerful-China-Girl-3
Note to selves: begging is an extremely effective way to get a magician to agree to let you accompany him on a treacherous trip through the Dark Forest. Pretending to cry also works.


Third, they aren’t having your condescension.
Oz the Great and Powerful-Finley-5
This moment was followed closely by Finley saying, “Of course I love bananas. I’m a monkey. Don’t be ridiculous. I just don’t like you saying it.” #owned


Oz the Great and Powerful-China-Girl-1
She’s right. Never underestimate the girl made of porcelain.


Fourth, they’re not scared to be afraid.
DisneyBestFriends_Finley, China Girl and Oscar Diggs
But that never stops them from helping Oscar when he needs it most. In so doing, they taught us all a valuable lesson. It takes teamwork to catch a wicked witch!


Fifth, they (spoiler alert) always come through. And they’re the secret glue that holds the whole group together.
Oz the Great and Powerful-Everyone


P.S. One of the things we love most about these guys is actually the voices behind them. Zach Braff and Joey King are kind of awesome. But don’t just take our words for it…



For confirmation on all of our points above, you can reference Oz the Great and Powerful.

Posted 4 years Ago
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