We all know Ariel has gotten some internet attention for being quite the little mermaid hipster.  But we think there are some Disney characters who were total hipsters before Ariel was collecting obscure objects that no one else under the sea had even heard of. Plus, her whole ocean scene is too current.



Disney Hipster Lady and the Tramp

Tramp could, in theory, live in a nice cozy house in a clean neighborhood, but he prefers to loiter around some rougher train tracks. Nevertheless, he still seems to know the best restaurants to dine in the nicer parts of town, and is sure to show Lady the ropes while he critiques the fact that she actually wears a collar.



Disney Hipster Cinderella

Cinderella had a whole outfit made of only second-hand fabrics and beads, all stitched together to create the perfect it-girl outfit for the ball, while the competition was probably going to show up all labeled-out. Plus, she had this mysterious vibe going on with the way she disappeared all of a sudden, seemingly gone forever, running around with only one shoe on in the middle of the night.


Roger Radcliffe

Disney Hipster Roger from One Hundred and One Dalmatians

At the beginning of the movie, Roger is too focused on his art to bother with finding a girlfriend or cleaning up his vintage furniture-filled flat. Pongo wants to get a move on in his life, get married, settle down, but Roger is just too zen about his jazz writing to be concerned with such practical matters.



Disney Hipster Alice in Wonderland

Alice isn’t into the prim and proper mainstream vibes her sister is always bringing in “reality.” In fact, that cutesy baby doll dress and apron are more of an ironic front for her much more anti-establishment sensibilities. You can find Alice relaxing, drinking tea, and playing croquet while she critiques the status quo. Plus she loves her cat.


The Lost Boys

Disney Hipster The Lost Boys Peter Pan

These kids live in a tree and refuse to grow up and get real jobs, just because. They also have a thing for animal hide one-piece outfits that are kind of like pajamas, but somehow work for any occasion. And those slingshots and bludgeons? Totally hand-crafted from naturally-fallen sticks and branches.



Disney Hipster Bert from Mary Poppins

Is he a friendly vagrant or a freelance sidewalk-chalker? Do those skinny jeans cost extra to be so torn up? Also, don’t forget that he’s part of a one-man band who plays pop-up shows in the park that you only find out about after the fact.


This Guy From Cinderella

Disney Hipster the Grand Duke from Cinderella

The Grand Duke’s facial hair would be the envy of every guy standing around to be seen in Echo Park on a Saturday. Just marvel at that mustache dedication! Plus, the monocle is more for twirling than seeing. A monocle for looks rather than looking.



Disney Hipster Pocahontas

Oh that river? Pocahontas doesn’t want to step in that river. She doesn’t step in the same river twice, and she stepped in that river so long ago. That river is such a scene now.



Disney Hipster Geppetto from Pinocchio

If you want a locally-sourced, hand-crafted, authentically wooden wood carved object, you should hit up Geppetto’s shop. He’s not always there; sometimes he’s busy being swallowed by a whale (not a band name from the mid-2011 trend of band’s with “whale” in the title). Plus, he has a cat (some stereotypes are true, okay).


Walt Disney

Disney Hipster Walt Disney

This guy lived in Los Feliz before it was even cool to set up shop east of Fairfax. He practically founded the neighborhood. Plus, look at that picture of him. You might say he was the hipster whose innovative animations spawned all these other Disney hipsters, so he gets a lot of street cred for that… and his trendy haircut.

Posted 7 years Ago
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