The Beautifully Strange Relationships in Tim Burton Films

Let’s get straight to the point. Tim Burton’s Disney films give us a little creepy crawly feeling in our stomachs (and not only because of Oogie Boogie). But that’s why we love them. A lot.


And one of the things we love most are the relationships. Whenever we watch The Nightmare Before Christmas, Frankenweenie, or Alice in Wonderland, we fall for those those true loves, friendships, and families just a little bit more. Here are a few reasons why:


Lovers: They Last Beyond a Lifetime
If there’s one thing we love about Burton’s Disney films, it’s his look at love. These are not fleeting relationships. In fact, they usually extend beyond life itself.


Jack and Sally
They are simply meant to be. And now that they’ve realized that, they can be together forever. (Skeletons and rag dolls can stick around for a while.)


Red Queen and Stayne, Knave of Hearts
Again, another relationship that will stand the test of time. It might be a case of unrequited love, but they are bound to each other forever thanks to the White Queen.


Sparky and Persephone
As long as Victor is around, these two can stay in puppy love heaven for a good long time.



Friendships: They Don’t Always Make Sense
Burton’s Disney films cover all types of friendships. Some of the more flawed yet brilliant ones:


Cheshire and The Hatter
This one is a little messed up and a little too real. They are legitimate frenemies. They can’t stand each other in almost every encounter, but Cheshire still saves the Hatter’s life.


Jack and The Mayor
The Mayor literally can’t make a decision without Jack. His sad face just can’t handle the thought of Jack being gone. He’s a needy friend, but always the first to congratulate Jack’s successes.


Victor and Sparky
It’s usually a good sign for the relationship if you’re willing to go to such great lengths to keep it alive. This friendship will never die. Literally.



Family: It’s A Bit Dysfunctional
It doesn’t matter if it’s Halloween Town or Underland, the families in Burton’s Disney films hit all the realistically odd notes.


Dr. and Mrs. Finkelstein
These two are of one mind. They think alike, look alike, and they literally share the same mind. We’re guessing it comes it could be problematic during arguments.


Red Queen and White Queen
Ah, sibling rivalry at its most epic. Jabberwockies aren’t always involved, but siblings can have a lot to work out sometimes, especially on Frabjous Day.


The Frankensteins
A classic family with classic quirks that only a supporting, loving – but somewhat oblivious – set of parents can cause.

Posted 6 years Ago
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