Trends We Want to Start: #Carouselfies

First, let’s just establish how great we think carousels are. We think they’re magical. And totally underrated. They’re not just for kids, friends. They’re for the kid within us all. We’re told King Arthur’s Carousel was Walt’s favorite ride, so we feel like we’re justified in our feelings that these spinning sensations are entirely timeless.


We were riding around on carousels at Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure recently and realized that there’s a trend we need to be a thing. Immediately. And we need your help.


#Carouselfies. Think about it. It’s the meeting of all the things we like: selfies, carousels, puns, and magic. There are several ways we’ve discovered that you can accomplish this goal.


1. Take a classic selfie while on a carousel.
Carouselfies 4


Fun fact: here’s what taking a #carouselfie will look like to those around you. (Spoiler alert, it’s totally cool.)
Carouselfies 7


2. Make use of the mirrors.
Carouselfies 3


3. Use those mirrors to make it a twofer selfie. Friend participation in this one is required.
Carouselfies 2


4. Master the creeper carouselfie.
Carouselfies 8


5. Photobomb your friend’s carouselfie while taking your own carouselfie.
Carouselfies 9


6. Take so many carouselfies that you can make your own gif.
Carouselfie Gif


As an added bonus, here’s what we think carouselfies would look like if the horses and otters could do their own. (Artistic license alert.)
Carouselfies 5


Carouselfies 6


We’re sure there are even more ways you can take your own #carouselfies. But no matter how, we think you should really get on it. The carouselfie movement officially commences now. Right now.


Comment below or tweet us at @OhMyDisney to join our revolution!

Posted 4 years Ago
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