Cory and Topanga Are Back!

We got some news this week that hit us right in the childhood. Cory and Topanga are coming to TV. Again.


Disney Channel has officially picked up Girl Meets World, which means the countdown to its premiere has begun. Here are the first look images they released:Girl-Meets-World-1
Girl Meets World

It’s like the best thing ever, except even better because now the couple we loved to love is in love and married and has a k.i.d. And she’s adorable. (Shocker.) And she’s hugging her friend. Which means she’s probably super nice like her parents. Also, we think we spy a possible high school era photo of Cory and Topanga on the table by the couch. #Throwback


Our excitement level is at a 10. Out of 5. Our smiles look a lot like THIS:

Beauty and the Beast

Posted 4 years Ago
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