What It’s Like Waiting in Line for an Ice Cream at Disneyland

Picture yourself: you’re at Disneyland on a hot summer day, enjoying some rides, watching some parades. Then all of a sudden, you realize that the one thing missing from your life is a delicious ice cream cone or sundae from The Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlour. You will not be content until a bead of hot fudge is running down your hand as you shovel the perfectly composed bite into your mouth.


So you head to Main Street USA to take care of some business. It’s ice cream time.

Disney ice cream The Gibson Girl Disneyland


As you wait your turn to order, you get busy weighing all the options surrounding the most important decision of your life. Will it be a waffle bowl, or a waffle cone, or a dipped waffle cone? Or should you get one of the specialities like the Firehouse Dalmatian Mint Sundae or the Strawberry Street Car Sundae, because strawberries are fruit and fruit is good for you?

Disney ice cream The Gibson Girl Disneyland
You finally decide on a cone because that’s the only logical thing to do, but now you’ve got to decide between chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, butter pecan, cookie dough… or SOME CRAZY COMBINATION OF THOSE because it’s not like you’re limited to one flavor. Ahhh, the possibilities.


Finally, after minutes and minutes of agonizing over this, you decide to fill your dipped waffle cone with cookies and cream (nice!) and strawberry (good contrast!) and you’re super proud that you were able to come to this decision before you got to the counter.


BUT THEN, you see everyone else’s creations pass by, making you doubt all that you know about ice cream.

Disney ice cream The Gibson Girl Disneyland


What?! An ice cream float? Why didn’t you think of that before? That changes everything! So you stare at the menu some more and try to find the answers you are seeking. The line inches you forward to your destiny, and you decide to stop looking at everyone else’s ice cream, stick with your first choice, and stare at the floor until it’s your turn to order. Good thing the tile patterns at The Gibson Girl are so pretty.

Disneyland the Gibson Girl floor


It’s your turn to place your delicious, majestic, flawless order, but again you become filled with doubt when you see all of those sprinkled cones and waffle cups. NO… nope, stick to your gut on this one!

Disney ice cream The Gibson Girl Disneyland


You order, then wait for what feels like ages but is actually just about a minute or two for the confectionary creation you geniused into being to be handed over to you.

Disney ice cream cone

In the words of the great Rafiki: “It is time!”


Then you head back out to your fun-filled day at the park, a little older, a little wiser, a little full of all that ice cream. This kid knows what we’re talking about.

Disney ice cream The Gibson Girl Disneyland

Posted 4 years Ago
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