The Best Things We Saw at The Lone Ranger Premiere

The Lone Ranger World Premiere took place yesterday at Disney California Adventure, and we got to be on the red carpet! Or, more like adjacent to the red carpet, snapping pictures for you to look at to prepare you to head to theaters and ride for justice yourself on July 3!


Minnie was there, looking as cute as can be, of course.
Lone Ranger Minnie


Krysten Ritter as well, looking like the epitome of fashion.
Lone Ranger Krysten Ritter


Speaking of fashion, Kent Boyd had a really cool jacket (you know we have an appreciation for menswear).
Lone Ranger Kent Boyd


We saw Matt O’Leary who plays Skinny in the film.
Lone Ranger Matt O'Leary


And Bryant Prince from The Lone Ranger was totally adorable in his pink bow tie!
Lone Ranger Bryant Pierce


The Lone Ranger’s Barry Pepper was sporting some luxurious hair that mesmerized us as it flowed in the wind.
Lone Ranger Barry Pepper


And Joey Lawrence! Whoa!
Lone Ranger Joey Lawrence


Ruth Wilson had an awe-inspiring dress that we wish we had an occasion to wear ourselves.
Lone Ranger Ruth Wilson


One of these people is not The Lone Ranger’s producer, Jerry Bruckheimer. But the other one is.
Lone Ranger Jerry Bruckheimer


The award for best boots at The Lone Ranger World Premiere goes to Saginaw Grant, of course.
Lone Ranger Saginaw Grant


Naturally, we geeked out when we saw The Lone Ranger himself, Armie Hammer.
Lone Ranger Armie Hammer


We thought we couldn’t love him any more but then he showed up in a pink suit as if wearing a pink suit was an easy thing to do (the suit looked good).
Lone Ranger Armie Hammer


And he got a little too close to the decorative foliage.
Lone Ranger Armie Hammer


Johnny Depp! Johnny Depp! Prepare yourself for several photos of Johnny Depp!
Lone Ranger Johnny DeppJohnny-2 Johnny-Depp-1


Thus concludes our coverage of The Lone Ranger World Premiere. Be sure to see it in theatres July 3! For those keeping track, July 3 is 10 days and counting…

Posted 4 years Ago
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