5 Problem-Solving Lessons from the New Mickey Mouse Short

With the new Mickey Mouse shorts comes a whole host of new lessons to learn. The first short to air, No Service (currently exclusive here on Disney.com), is one giant lesson in how to solve a problem.


First, watch:


Now, let’s review:


First, identify the issue.
Mickey-Mouse-1Donald Duck Mickey-Mouse-2
In this case, it’s a “no shirt, no shoes, no service” situation.


Second, think for a minute.
Mickey Mouse Mickey-Mouse-4
In this case, remember: two heads (and outfits) are better than one.


Third, decide on a course of action.
Mickey Mouse Mickey-Mouse-6
It’s okay to enlist a friend’s help when applicable. And by a friend, we really mean a friend’s shoes.


Fourth, enact the plan.
Mickey Mouse
In this case, the plan involved Donald wearing Mickey’s shoes and shorts.


Fifth, reap the rewards of your genius.
Mickey MouseDon’t worry about the challenging parts where your plan went slightly awry. It happens.


And scene. You can be reminded of these lessons when this short airs this Friday on Disney Channel.

Posted 5 years Ago
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