Clutch Character: Launchpad McQuack

We all know that life is like a hurricane in Duckburg. (Is that song stuck in your head now?) Obviously, any community that compares life to a natural disaster needs a hero to save the day, and ladies and gentlemen, Launchpad McQuack is that hero. Whether it be skill or pure luck, LPMQ is there for Duckburg (added bonus: he’s also the comic relief). Here are some of our favorite qualities about Launchpad that make him so clutch:


1. He is willing to drop everything when needed.
Even when he has a tropical vacation planned.


2. He is the only one crazy enough to go up against evil robots.
Even when the robots have extending limbs and other unique features. #fearless


3. He is a REAL pilot, who only crashes periodically.
DuckTales_LaunchpadMcQuack-Pig Flying
Side note: Sometimes his co-pilots resemble pigs.


4. He helps keep Scrooge McDuck’s nephews out of trouble.
He is always lending a hand to his “little buddies.”


5. He is a part of the legendary family The Flying McQuacks.
Clearly there are great genes in this family.


6. He discovered Dinosaurs.
Without his find, “McDuck’s Dinosauring Tour” wouldn’t exist.


7. He rescues kittens from trees.
He does this at the risk of falling in trash cans.


8. His business cards read “Hero for Hire.”
DuckTales_LaunchpadMcQuack-Hero for Hire
Call or not, Launchpad will be your hero.


9. He is responsible for catching the Beagle Boys.
DuckTales_LaunchpadMcQuack-Beagle Boys
Not an easy task.


10. Lastly, he simply provides valuable comic relief.


He tries to catch exotic birds.
He occasionally starts to resemble these birds.


He sometimes crawls instead of walks.
It is a safe assumption that he is the stealthiest duck in Duckburg.


He overthinks many scenarios.
Though he does always make valid points.

Posted 5 years Ago
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