You know when your alarm clock goes off and you hit snooze and you doze off thinking to yourself how annoying your alarm noise options are?


Problem. Solved.


Today Disney released an app that has us pretty much pumped to wake up for work tomorrow. It’s called Wake Up With Disney, it includes Donald Duck, and it does just exactly what it sounds like it does. Except even better, because Donald does incredible things.


He sleeps when you sleep.
Wake Up With Disney_Donald Sleeping


Then he awakes.
Wake Up With Disney_Donald Waking Up


He laughs when you interact with him.
Wake Up With Disney_Donald Laughing


He also has costume changes.
Wake Up With Disney_Donald Costume Change


And he plays golf.
Wake Up With Disney_Donald Golfing


And is just typical Donald, except now he’s coming at you with animated weather forecasting.
Wake Up With Disney_App 2


And including his classic angry face when you won’t just GET UP.
Wake Up With Disney_App 1


It’s really everything you want from a morning wake-up… and then some.

Posted 8 years Ago
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