Disney Characters Who Want it to Be the Weekend Already

We feel confident in assuming that everyone loves weekends as much as we do. At times, often around Friday mid-morning, they just seem so far away. We clearly can’t read the minds of Disney characters (we wish!), but if we could, we think these guys would be counting down the hours until the weekend.


Disney Characters_Weekend_ WhiteRabbit
House ruined. Late for a date. Sounds like a job for the weekend.


Disney Characters_Weekend_Iago
Weekdays spent working for Jafar. Need we say more?


Disney Characters_Weekend_ Nakoma
Nakoma has a big secret to keep. Weekends are much easier for this purpose. Less stress.


Disney Characters_Weekend_ Rolly
Rolly wants food. Weekends are great for that. There are two brunch opportunities.


Disney Characters_Weekend_ Oliver
It can be scary out there on your own. Weekends are friendly.


Disney Characters_Weekend_ Cinderella
Clean the floors. Do the laundry. Wash the dishes. Hang in there, Cinderella. Saturday is coming.


Disney Characters_Weekend_ Maximus
That face just says “this would never happen on a Sunday morning while on a leisurely hike.”


Disney Characters_Weekend_ Tiana
Turned into a frog? That’s need a weekend to process kind of information.


Disney Characters_Weekend_ Tantor
Tantor is a slightly germaphobic elephant living amongst gorillas. Hang in there, buddy.


Disney Characters_Weekend_ Flounder
Shark’s sneaking up on you. It’ll be better soon, Flounder.


Disney Characters_Weekend_ Zazu
Having to sing for Scar is just about the best reason to want to press fast forward until you can sleep in and lounge around.

Posted 4 years Ago
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