Eight Ways Mickey Impresses Minnie in the Newest Cartoon

Over the years, Mickey and Minnie have had many an adventure together. In the latest of the new series of Mickey Mouse cartoons, Mickey proves just how much he’s willing to do to make his lovely lady happy. He battles zoo animals and just generally emerges as the hero of Minnie’s heart.


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Let’s review eight things Mickey does in his quest to impress Minnie and make sure her tummy stops grumbling:


1. Buying a hot dog from what appears to be a walrus working as a vendor.
Mickey Mouse


2. Running through Central Park.
Mickey Mouse


3. Facing an angry mob of nannies.


4. Cooperating with law enforcement.


5. Running through a group of less-than-clean dudes playing cards.


6. Taking on a really really really large lion.


7. Riding on top of that really really really large lion.


8. Cooperating with law enforcement again.
Mickey Mouse


And then he manages to get Minnie the hot dog she wanted all along. And be exalted by the aforementioned law enforcement for apprehending a dangerous subject. Well done, Mickey. Color us (and Minnie) impressed.

Posted 4 years Ago
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