The art of disguise is a common theme in Disney movies. And some characters are artists with truly inspired work. Since we’re a big fan of art, let’s take a look at some of the transformational masterpieces:



disguise Ursula
Halving the number of your appendages is a pretty impressive feat.
Sidenote: Ursula seems to love the semi-tousled look (read: slightly crazed villain look).


One Hundred and One Dalmatians

disguise 101 Dalmatians
“We’ll all roll in the soot! We’ll all be labradors!” Brilliant game plan, Pongo. But of course, Rolly needs a little help because, as we know, Rolly don’t care.



disguise Goofy Movie
Max is a great Powerline look-alike, but we kind of prefer his goofy side.



disguise enchanted
In a movie of standouts with puffy sleeves, this guy is (in)conspicuously hidden.



disguise Stitch
Maybe we’re too distracted by him being so cute and fluffy, but we almost forget that Stitch can retract two of his arms into his own body. Convenient for a quick canine disguise.



It’s hard to miss WALL•E, but he does a pretty good job at looking like a box when he needs to.



disguise Mulan
Pretending she’s a boy named Ping helped Mulan bring her family honor and save China. And it led her to meeting Shang. Best disguise ever?



disguise Jafar
Yes, that’s Jafar turning into a snake. Although, he’s already pretty serpentine-looking in the face to begin with. . .



disguise Boo
Disguise or no, Boo is just plain adorable.


Evil Queen

disguise evil queen from snow white
And then this. Vanity-crazed queen to apple-bearing evil witch. Disguise at its worst (or best?).

Posted 8 years Ago
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