The Lone Ranger and Tonto are in theaters now. And that itself is exciting. But what’s even more exciting? Silver is in theaters. In all his exceptionally fantastic scene-stealing glory. Here are 12 reasons you should see Silver on the silver screen (and no we’re not counting that incredible dual meaning phrase we just wrote):


1. This.
The Lone Ranger_Silver11


2. He looks regal from afar.
The Lone Ranger_Silver4


3. He’s really steady. Even when someone atop him is trying to avenge his brother.
The Lone Ranger_Silver8


4. He’s able to identify spirit walkers. And that’s kind of the coolest thing we’ve ever heard.
The Lone Ranger_Silver5


5. He runs. A lot. And he looks great doing it.
The Lone Ranger_Silver2


6. His “eyes closed” look is so serene. And so wise.
The Lone Ranger_Silver3


7. He’s carrying Tonto and the Lone Ranger and some lassos and some other stuff. Like a boss.
The Lone Ranger_Silver1


8. He just looks like he knows everything that could ever be known. See…
The Lone Ranger_Silver7


9. He makes the Lone Ranger look really fierce.
The Lone Ranger_Silver10


10. This docupod, in which it’s revealed that Silver is actually played by several horses:


11. He’s just. so. white. and. beautiful. and. majestic.
The Lone Ranger_SilverTonto


12. He and Tonto have perhaps the best staring contest moment that has ever been captured on film.
The Lone Ranger_SilverTonto


Now that we’ve convinced you of Silver’s greatness, you might want to get your tickets to see The Lone Ranger in theaters. The big screen is the only way to do him justice (get it… justice?).

Posted 4 years Ago
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