It’s officially summertime and the sun and sand are calling. We’ve enlisted the help of Philoctetes to provide you with an ultimate workout to supplement the season’s fashion. It’s a proven success. Seriously. Even demi-gods use it. Now let’s review how you get from zero to hero:


Find a place to work out.
Hercules Workout 7


Make sure you have the right equipment. (Suit of armor optional.)
Hercules Workout 5


Stretch before you start. (Try to look a little cooler than these two goofballs.)
Hercules Workout GIF 2


Start with something like a little bow and arrow action to get the blood pumping.
Hercules Workout 8


Add some push-ups. Especially by the light of the moon. With a Pegasus.
Hercules Workout 9


Keep going and don’t get discouraged, even in the face of obstacles like your crabby trainer.
Hercules Workout 11


Practice balancing. It’s great for your core and it looks cool at dawn.


Make sure you choose the right size weights for your body type.
Hercules Workout 6


(Take note of your progress along the way.)
Hercules Workout 14


Change it up. It’s good to vary your routine.
Hercules Workout GIF


Do all these things and imagine what you can achieve. (This guy went from Herc to Hunk. Just saying.)
Hercules Workout 3


Last but never least, remember that you can go the distance. We believe in you!
Hercules Workout 10

Posted 7 years Ago
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