How To Prep For an Interview, Disney-Style

When it comes to getting ready for a big time interview, there are things you can do to reduce stress and feel prepared. Here are a few tips from Disney characters to help you knock your interview out of the park.


Set an Alarm
Disney Interview_Wake Up With Disney_App
The first step to an interview is being on time. There are apps that can help with that (Hint: Wake Up With Disney.)


Get a Good Night’s Sleep
Disney Interview_Sulley_Good-Night-Sleep
Snuggle up in your favorite spot and don’t think about monsters threatening to disrupt your pre-interview slumber. Sweet dreams only.


Freshen Up
Disney Interview_Frozone
Before you head out, make sure you’re looking your very best.


Dress To Impress
A snazzy outfit can give you that extra boost of confidence. We’re not saying it has to be “I’m a prince” worthy or anything… just make sure it’s professional.


Don’t Try Anything Too Crazy With Your Appearance
Disney Interview_Beast_Appearance
An interview is the time to feel your best… not to try a new experimental look involving blue bows. You want to feel like you’re still you, after all.


Comb Your Hair
Disney Interview_Ariel-Fork_Disney-Confessions1
You want your hair to complement how put together you look. Unlike Ariel, though, it’s probably best to do this before you’re in front of the people you’re trying to impress.


Eat a Good Breakfast
Disney Interview_Tiana
Not only is it the most important meal of the day, but it will also give you the energy you need to make a lasting impression.


Read Up
Fashion Tips, Belle in book shop
Take a page out of Belle’s book(s) and make sure you’ve done your reading. Learning about the company you’re hoping to work for can absolutely make a difference.


Prepare Your Resume
Disney Interview_Ursula Resume
For reference, here are some sample resumes from a few familiar friends.


Show Off Your Personality
Disney Interview_Happy_Personality
Be (like) Happy. Let your smile and personality shine through every answer you give. That way your interviewer will know exactly who you are when they’re making the hiring decisions.

Posted 4 years Ago
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