How to Spend a Summer Day with Lilo & Stitch

Lilo and Stitch know summer. They practically live at the beach and their summer anthem is indisputably “Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride.” Summer pros right there. So we’re pretty sure they’ve got some great ideas for how to spend a day in the sun:


Dance In Public
Lilo and Stitch dancing
Preferably while wearing a hula skirt and listening to Elvis.


Go For a Bicycle (Or Tricycle) Ride
Extra points for riding on the sand.


Enjoy the View
Lilo and Stitch on beach
A lot of sights are made better by the simple fact that it’s summer.


Add a Seashell to Your Collection
Lilo and Stitch on beach
Goal: find one as pink and beautiful as the one Lilo finds.


Build a Sandcastle
Stitch on beach
It just might bring you this much joy.


Stay Cool
Lilo and Stitch with sunglasses
Snow cones and retro sunglasses. Double cool.


Go On an Adventure
Stitch playing with Lilo
Even if it requires a bit of imagination. (Just pretend you’re in space, Stitch.)


Be Unexpectedly Romantic
Stitch with rose
But not as unexpected as Stitch, in a Hawaiian shirt, holding a rose. That’s a little too much.


Rock Out In a Wig and Sparkly Jumpsuit
Stitch as Elvis
Why not? (It can get you out of a particularly difficult Stitch-uation.)


Try Something New
Lilo and Stitch on beach
Because it just might lead to this…


Catch a Wave
Lilo and Stitch surfing
Surfing with a quasi-dog alien who is scared of water but ultimately decides ‘ohana is more important would make almost anyone smile. So, surf’s up!

Posted 4 years Ago
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