Let’s Talk About How Pegasus Came To Be

Only Zeus could pull this off. Let’s just start there. The way Pegasus came to be the ultimate gift for Hercules is pretty much unbelievable. We feel confident in making the bold statement that it’s the cutest thing to ever happen on Mount Olympus.


When Hercules is born, he gets a lot of gifts. They look like this:


Then Hera says, “What about our gift, dear?” and looks at Zeus. At which point, THIS happens:
Hercules_Pegasus GIF 1


And Zeus literally makes Pegasus out of clouds. Or, to be more specific: “ A little cirrus and, uh… hmm. A touch of nimbostratus… and a dash of cumulus.” For those who remember middle school science, you’ll recall those as being kinds of cloud formations.


Once that’s all figured out, Pegasus is born.
Hercules_Pegasus GIF 2


He and Hercules are immediately besties. Which is a “duh” sort of situation when your dad makes you a pet Pegasus out of some clouds. At that point, all that’s left is for them to be irrationally cute together.
Hercules_Pegasus GIF 3


Hercules_Pegasus GIF 4


And that, friends, is the story of how Pegasus came to be. Zeus, clouds, friendship, and cuteness. That’s our idea of awesome. How awesome? This awesome:


In fact, we’re launching a campaign to find someone who can get the Oh My Disney staff a pet Pegasus in exactly this way. Any leads should be left in the comments below.

Posted 6 years Ago
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