We Have a Feeling We’re Gonna Love Anna from Frozen

Stop the presses. A glimpse of the characters from Walt Disney Animation Studios’ Frozen has just been released and we are pumped. You can see all the characters in the gallery below, but we want to talk about one in particular: Anna.


Guys, she’s awesome. Things you need to know about her include the following: she’s optimistic, determined, really great at braiding her hair, and she’s voiced by actress (and super cute human being) Kristen Bell.


Here’s Anna.
Things we love about this image:
1. Anna’s Outfit. Where can we buy this ensemble? This Thanksgiving it’s gonna be all about Norwegian embroidery, take our word for it.
2. Her freckles. Also the bangs and braids. So in right now.


Here’s Anna finding her sister Elsa in an ice castle.
Things we love about this image:
1. Again, the outfit. Capes. Can we please bring back capes?
2. Anna clearly loves her sister. We imagine this ice castle is kind of cold. She’s not even wearing gloves; that’s sisterly love.


Here’s Anna meeting Hans.
When this happens in the movie, we’re 99% sure we’re going to swoon. Things we love about this image:
1. We think we can pretty much go ahead and say that Anna is our new style icon. The necklace? The ribbon in her hair? Ugh.
2. Doesn’t Arendelle look gorgeous? We’re booking our trip now.


Here’s a look at the rest of the characters from Frozen.



Who do you think is going to be your favorite character?

Posted 7 years Ago
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