Everyone Needs a Friend Like Ron Stoppable

We love Ron Stoppable. Let’s just start with the fact that he is a pretty great sidekick and best friend to Kim Possible, crime fighting teenager. It’s true that sometimes he makes things more complicated for Kim, but he has proven himself worthy in our eyes. Everyone should have a friend like Ron and here are just a few of the reasons why.


He has a naked mole rat for a pet and side kick (we could also write a post about how everyone needs a pet like Rufus).
Kim Possible_RonStoppable_8
We wish we had a pet like Rufus.


He knows the right time to give gifts.
Kim Possible_RonStoppable_5
Spoiler alert: It is always the right time to give gifts.


He can’t always keep a straight face.
Kim Possible_RonStoppable_2
This helps him double as a daily dose of comic relief.


He loves TV.
Kim Possible_RonStoppable_6
Bonus: He can quickly catch you up on your favorite shows if you happen to be out saving the world.


He knows where to find the best tacos in town.
Kim Possible_RonStoppable_3
Useful in making sure you are never hungry.


He is willing to humiliate himself to help you.
Kim Possible_RonStoppable_6
Cheerleading is not necessarily his forte.


He always has your back.
Kim Possible_RonStoppable_10


He is always prepared with his baby blue tux.
Kim Possible_RonStoppable_9
Nothing else really matters.


p.s. You can watch full episodes of Kim Possible on Disney Video.

Posted 4 years Ago
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