From Lilo to Megara and everywhere in between, some Disney characters are just better than others at what we at Oh My Disney have nicknamed sassafras (aka sass). They’re slightly sarcastic, entirely entertaining, and some don’t even need words in order to let their sass flags fly. Below you’ll find some of the best and brightest sass stars, accompanied by the quotes that make them go down in history:


Sassy_Sass Overload_Lilo
“I’m sorry I bit you. And pulled your hair. And punched you in the face.”
“Don’t worry. She likes your butt and fancy hair. I know. I read her diary.”
“Leave me alone to die.”
“This is your badness level. It’s unusually high for someone your size. We have to fix that.”


Sassy_Sass Overload_Meg
“He comes on with his big, innocent farm boy routine, but I could see through that in a Peloponnesian minute.”
“I’m a big tough girl. I tie my own sandals and everything.”
“Megara. My friends call me Meg. At least they would if I had any friends. So did they give you a name along with all those rippling pectorals?”


Tinker Bell
Sassy_Sass Overload_Tinker Bell 1


Sassy_Sass Overload_Tinker Bell 2


Sassy_Sass Overload_Tinker Bell 3
All that sass with no words at all. #Skilled


Sassy_Sass Overload_Iago
“With all due respect, Your Rottenness, couldn’t we just wait for a real storm?”
“No, really. On a scale of one to ten, you are an eleven.”
“Oh, there’s a big surprise! That’s an incredibleI think I’m going to have a heart attack and die ofnot surprise!”


Sassy_Sass Overload_Ursula
“Come in. Come in, my child. We mustn’t lurk in doorways. It’s rude. One might question your upbringing.”
“That’s right. But–you’ll have your man. Life’s full of tough choices, innit?”
“And don’t underestimate the importance of body language!”


Mr. Potato Head
Sassy_Sass Overload_Mr.PotatoHead
“Did you all take stupid pills this morning? Have you forgotten what he did to Buzz?”
“Son of a building block! It’s Woody!”
“That’s Mister Potato Head to you, you back-stabbing murderer!”
“You uncultured swine!”


Sassy_Sass Overload_Marie
“Ladies do not start fights… but they can finish them.”
“Because I’m a lady. That’s why.”

Posted 4 years Ago
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