Which Disneyland Land Would Make the Best Hometown Date?

It’s time for hometown dates on Bachelorette (tonight at 8|7c on ABC), and that got us thinking: which Disneyland land would make for the best hometown date location?


Main Street, U.S.A.
Get to Know the Hometown: Take a stroll up and down Main Street, stop for an ice cream at Gibson Girl and a performance by the Dapper Dans.
Dinner Date: Carnation Café for eating and people watching. See a cute family walk by and segue into, “What do you think our family would be like?”
Up the Romance: Get a great spot near Walt and Mickey to watch the fireworks.
Contestant Soundbite: “Love is a lot like the Dapper Dans—one voice on its own can be pretty, but it’s nothing compared to the harmony created when two voices sing as one. Or when four voices sing as one…  I guess we’ll need two kids for this analogy to work!”


Get to Know the Hometown: Hold your date tight on Space Mountain and then have some friendly competition at Buzz’s Astro Blasters. Then visit the new and improved Star Tours – The Adventure Continues. Wiith 54 different ride combinations, this is the only hometown date that takes place on multiple planets.
Dinner Date: Pizza Port!
Up the Romance: Take a nighttime cruise through Autopia, just you and your honey by your side.
Contestant Soundbite: “Love is a lot like the new Star Tours – you never know quite where you’re headed, but it’s a lot more fun going through it together.”


Get to Know the Hometown: Take a spin on Dumbo and a bobsled ride down the Matterhorn… but check your date’s motion sickness threshold before hopping on the teacups, or you could ruin the rest of the night.
Dinner Date: Channel your inner Geppetto at Village Haus Restaurant.
Up the Romance: It doesn’t get much more romantic than flying around London and Never Land on Peter Pan’s Flight.
Contestant Soundbite: “Love is a lot like Peter Pan’s Flight – in the right relationship, it feels like you’re flying.”


Mickey’s Toontown
Get to Know the Hometown: Introduce your date to all your famous neighbors, and then get a photo op trying to break out of the Dog Pound jail.
Dinner Date: Pluto’s Dog House followed by Clarabelle’s Frozen Yogurt.
Up the Romance: Umm…
Contestant Soundbite: “Love is a lot like Gadget’s Go Coaster – all the little things combine to make one doozy of a ride.”


Get to Know the Hometown: Make a rootin’ tootin’ stop at the Frontierland Shootin’ Exposition before ride on the wildest ride in the wilderness, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. Holler a “yee haw” at least twice.
Dinner Date: Combine great food with live music at the Golden Horseshoe.
Up the Romance: Take a slow ride around Tom Sawyer’s Island on the Mark Twain Riverboat.
Contestant Soundbite: “Love is a lot like Big Thunder Mountain Railroad – hold on to your hats and glasses!”


Critter Country
Get to Know the Hometown: SPLASH. MOUNTAIN.
Dinner Date: Head to Hungry Bear and make sure to grab a table overlooking the Rivers of America.
Up the Romance: Take a nighttime ride down SPLASH. MOUNTAIN.  No offense to the Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh (which we love), but if your date is going to fall in love with Critter Country, it’s going to be because of Splash Mountain. Put all your eggs in that basket and hope for the best.
Contestant Soundbite: “Love is a lot like Splash Mountain – it’s scary, but also exhilarating, and it’s the best way to find your laughing place.”


New Orleans Square
Get to Know the Hometown: Hold each other tight through the Haunted Mansion, take a stroll through the streets of New Orleans, and then hold each other tight through Pirates of the Caribbean. (What? Pirates is kind of scary, too.)
Dinner Date: While there is a lot of great dining in New Orleans Square, the only true option on the ultimate hometown date is Blue Bayou.
Up the Romance: Head over early to snag a prime view of Fantasmic. To pass the time before the show, come prepared with fun Disneyland date questions like, “If you could only ride one ride for the rest of your life, what would it be?”
Contestant Soundbite: “Love is a lot like Fantasmic – sometimes you have to wait a while, but it’s always worth it.”


Get to Know the Hometown:
Head on an adventure with Indiana Jones and then climb up Tarzan’s Treehouse for the view.
Dinner Date: Bengal Barbecue, followed by a nice Dole Whip. Yummm…
Up the Romance: Take a nighttime ride on the Jungle Cruise, and enjoy the 8th Wonder of the World – the backside of water!
Contestant Soundbite: “Love is a lot like Dole Whip – before I had it, I didn’t understand it, but now I know how special it is.”


Happy Hometowning! And feel free to use any of these date itineraries on your next Disneyland trip.

Posted 4 years Ago
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