15 Rules for Living in a Disney Movie

Have you ever wanted to live in a Disney movie? Spoiler alert: we have. Wouldn’t it be the greatest? However, we think there are some potential pitfalls (magic spells, villains, etc.), so we’ve created a list of rules. Make sure to take these with you the next time you magically jump into a Disney movie. Maybe via sidewalk chalk drawing, maybe though a magical sewer portal. We’re gonna leave getting inside the movie up to you. Just make sure you follow these rules. And bring back a souvenir for us. Maybe the Beast’s magic mirror…that would be cool.


1. If the animal (or insect)  talks, listen.
Trust us.


2. When in doubt, follow the (possibly) crazy person.
Jack Sparrow looks more than a little…offbeat. But he knows what he’s doing. Most of the time.


3. Don’t freak out if some inanimate objects come to life.
They will most likely be friendly and have exotic French accents.


4. Frying pans make excellent weapons (if need be).
Who knew, right?


5.  Befriend as many woodland creatures as possible.
Aurora’s pretty much got all her bases covered here. Never underestimate the power of woodland creatures in a Disney movie.


6. If the shoe fits, you’re probably about to become a princess.
Happily ever after alert!


7. If you hear maniacal laughter, turn around. You’re about to run into a villain.
You’ve been warned.


8. Sing.
Everyone around you is probably singing, so join in!


9. Genies can’t make people fall in love with you, just an FYI.
…Not that we’ve asked or anything.


10. Don’t be afraid to try new things.
Trying something new is essential to any Disney movie plot, so you may as well get on board now.


11. Fish are friends, not food.
You might find yourself in a movie with lots of fish. Do not eat them. They will be your friends.


12. There will probably be a few swords laying around… best to leave them be.
You are not a prince and/or villain and therefore you haven’t been trained in swordplay. Let’s leave it to the pros.


13. This is not a fork.
We just saved you from a few embarrassing situations with this one. You’re welcome.


14. If at all possible, get yourself a horse.
Preferably one that can either talk, has wings, or is just plain sassy.


15. If someone is giving off a super-creepy-probably-evil vibe, they’re probably both super creepy and evil.
Don’t be fooled by the fabulous musical numbers, evil is evil.


We hope you heed these rules the next time you find yourself living in a Disney movie. And remember to grab that enchanted mirror for us if you get the chance. #WeAlsoTakeTiaras

Posted 4 years Ago
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