Our Favorite Things about Hocus Pocus

Hocus Pocus was first in theaters over 20 years ago! Besides making us take stock of what we’ve been doing all this time, that fact has made us want to relive the days of the Sanderson Sisters and just bask in their effortlessly terrifying tale. Here are our favorite 20 things about this film, one thing for each year since its release:


1. This set.
Hocus Pocus_20Things_10
Complete with cast iron skillets, really old brooms, and the rope from when their lair was turned into a museum.


2. The complete transformation of one Ms. Kathy Najimy.
Hocus Pocus_20Things_13
Seriously, how does she get her mouth to do that for a whole almost 2 hours?


3. The word amok.
Hocus Pocus_20Things_3
Amok amok amok amok!


4. This quote: “Don’t get your knickers in a twist! We’re just three kindly old spinster ladies.”
Hocus Pocus_20Things_2
And our knowledge of substantial evidence to the contrary.


5. That moment when Max tricks the witches with “the burning rain of death!”
Hocus Pocus_20Things_14
Just water, gals.


6. Bette Midler’s lipstick.
Hocus Pocus_20Things_8
And borderline beehive hairdo.


7. That time the Sanderson Sisters crashed this Halloween party.
Hocus Pocus_20Things_16
And the song that ensued, which will forever be stuck in our heads. (♫ I’ve put a spell on you… and now you’re mine! ♪)


8. Tiny. Thora. Birch.
Hocus Pocus_20Things_11
And her extreme sass-itude, especially when using the word “yabbos.”


9. The fact that Winifred was “cursed with such idiot sisters.”
Hocus Pocus_20Things_18
We wouldn’t have them any other way.


10. The way the magic in this movie takes the form of green lightning.
Hocus Pocus_Green Light


11. Winifred’s nails.
Hocus Pocus_20Things_12
Also, hidden Mickey with her head and hair. We’re not the only ones who noticed that, right?


12. Broom flying.
Hocus Pocus_20Things_Broom
Honorable mention to vacuum flying, too.


13. The fate of these bullies.
Hocus Pocus_20Things_7
Note to selves: Be nice to people or you may end up being held captive by witches.


14. The fact that the parents dressed up in these outfits for Halloween.
Hocus Pocus_20Things_5
And that strangely fabulous woman next to them. We never noticed her until just now.


15. The delight Winifred takes in conjuring up her magic potions.
Hocus Pocus_20Things_6
We’re kind of jealous. Our cooking is never quite this magical or happiness-inducing.


16. Thackery Binx in cat form.
Hocus Pocus_20Things_9
Even though he lost his sister and was doomed to live forever as a black cat, he finds a way to be awesome.


17. SJP’s character and her tendency to climb fences and twirl around in circles.
Hocus Pocus_20Things_17
She maybe wasn’t the sharpest witch in the coven.


18. These three humans.
Hocus Pocus_Three
And how hard they fought to keep all the children of Salem from having their souls… well, sucked out by witches.


19. Max’s eventual friendship with this dude:
Hocus Pocus_20Things_1
He was a good zombie long before zombies were cool.


20. The fact that the movie ends with the following line from Thackery Binx: “I had to wait 300 years for a virgin to light a candle.”
Hocus Pocus_20Things_MovieCover
HA. Hocus Pocus 4eva!


Bonus: Hocus Pocus is airing October 25 at 10pm/9c as part of ABC Family’s 13 Nights of Halloween! We’ll be watching.

Posted 8 years Ago
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