Disney Achievements We Wish Were Real

Disney can inspire some pretty impressive feats. We have gone to great lengths to collect certain commemorative pins, wait for hours to see favorite characters, or acquire one too many Vinylmation to complete a collection. These sorts of accomplishments deserve some recognition. A badge, if you will. So we created some to put on our figurative Disney sashes.


List all 53 animated features in alphabetical order.
Some people know all 50 states in alphabetical order. Consider this the Disney version. (And don’t forget about Frozen!)
Disney Collection


Go to Every Single Disney Park in the World
That would be five Disney Parks for now: Disneyland Resort, Walt Disney World Resort, Disneyland Paris, Tokyo Disney Resort, and Hong Kong Disneyland Resort. But hold your horses if you’ve been to all of those. You will have another Park to visit in 2016 once Shanghai Disney Resort opens.
Disney collection


Visit Walt Disney World and Disneyland in 24 Hours
It’s possible with the 24 hour event. Trust us. We did it.
Disney collection


Own a Complete Set of Vinylmation
If you haven’t begun a collection, we recommend starting with the Beauty and the Beast ones. #classic
Disney collection


Have a Disney-themed Wedding
Let your imagination run wild with this one. Colors from Pocahontas, hair from Tangled, rose petals from Beauty and the Beast. The inspiration is endless.
Disney collection


Get Engaged at a Disney Park
Yes. Just, yes.
Disney collection


Collect All the Classics on VHS
Retro, hipster, whatever you want to call it, anyone with this badge is one cool cat in our books.
Disney collection


Fill an Entire Autograph Book with Character Signatures
Pro: Hang out with a lot of Disney characters.
Con: N/A
Disney collection


Use a Disney Tune as Your Go-to Karaoke Song
A standing ovation is inevitable. If you need some inspiration, try out one of the Disney summer anthems.
Disney collection


Ride Every Coaster at Walt Disney World in One Day
Question. Is this even possible? Has anyone ever tried? (Seriously, let us know in the comments.)
Disney collection


Recite the Haunted Mansion Intro Without Help
Also known as the “Unabashedly Obsessed Disney Fan” badge.
Disney collection


Name Your Child or Pet After Your Favorite Disney Character
The bigger achievement would be choosing only one. Unless you pulled a Sebastian and had five names.Disney collection

Posted 5 years Ago
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