Disney Wedding Wishlist: A Dude’s Perspective

Theory: Planning a wedding is hard, Disney things could make it easier. Let’s discuss.


Between the cake, the flowers, the venue, the wardrobe, those little tiny cards/seashells/pinecones with names embossed, it’s enough to make grooms everywhere want to elope in an alley of Agrabah. But let’s face it, deep down even guys know weddings should be a little magical. And you know who does magic better than anyone else? Yes, the Fairy Godmother is technically correct, but let’s think broader. The answer is… Disney movies!


Ladies, you can have the pumpkin coach and glass slipper. Here is our list of groom tested, bride approved Disney items the men might want to have on the “I Do” day.


Disney Weddings_6
Do you think Aladdin could have figured out an ensemble in less than a second? We think not. This guy is a must when it comes to saying yes to the dress tux.


Remy and his Rat Friends
Disney Weddings_7
Anyone can cook… even rats. Just don’t tell Aunt Judy her pommes frites were cooked by a rodent.


Disney Weddings_9
With advice like this, she’d have a lock on the greatest best man/fish speech ever. Just don’t ask her to memorize anything.


Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem
We bet Dr. Teeth, Sgt. Floyd Pepper, Janice, Zoot, and Animal could play a rockin’ rendition of “Here Comes the Bride.” Wonder if we can negotiate for Rowlf the dog to play the cocktail hour?


A Disney Photopass Photographer
Disney Weddings_1
They show up everywhere you turn at Disneyland *and* they have nifty photog vests. Book ‘em.


Disney Weddings_3
Flowers aren’t high on the priority list, so why not go for a really good pun instead?


Uncle Albert from Mary Poppins
Disney Weddings_2
Had to invite that second cousin you haven’t seen since 1992? Seat them next to Uncle Albert! He loves to laugh, ya know. Plus he’d probably appreciate that Flower pun.


Louis the Alligator
Disney Weddings_Louis
Every dance floor needs a party animal. Why not invite an actual animal who likes to party?


The Tangled Lanterns
Disney Weddings_4
Yes we see the light and yes we totally want them. Pro tip: save on a lighting package by ordering an extra few dozen for the after party.


Disney Weddings_Churro
Vanilla buttercream with raspberry filling < Warm cinnamon dusted deep-fried pastry. Churro wins every time.


Sounds like a pretty big “Big Day,” huh? Tell us what we missed in the comments below. Oh, and there’s just one more thing we’ll need to afford the whole shebang…

Disney Weddings_Scrooge

Posted 4 years Ago
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