Surviving Summer Heat, With Help From Mickey

Summer is in full swing. And Mickey and his friends are much better at handling it than we are.


Now that we’ve all watched the newest short and enjoyed and delighted in the hijinks, allow us to review what we’ve learned about how to survive the summer heat:


Pools. It’s all about floating in pools.
Mickey Short_Stayin'Cool_26


Mickey Short_Stayin'Cool_3


Mickey Short_Stayin'Cool_2
Your own pool (or a friend’s pool) is preferable. We cannot endorse swimming in the pools of strangers.


Cool water.
Mickey Short_Stayin'Cool_8


Car washes are not recommended because this often ensues:
Mickey Short_Stayin'Cool_9
And that’s soapy.


Mickey Short_Stayin'Cool_10
Note: We discourage a fan of this size. It was problematic for Donald and Goofy. Maybe one on a smaller scale.


Walk-in freezers.
Mickey Short_Stayin'Cool_11
This is to be done safely only. And not in butcher shops.


And lastly (because tomorrow is National Ice Cream Day, we’ve saved the best lesson for last)…


Two words: frozen. treats.
Mickey Short_Stayin'Cool_16


Mickey Short_Stayin'Cool_20


Mickey Short_Stayin'Cool_21


Mickey Short_Stayin'Cool_24
Forget the moderation on this one. This is good in all forms, all ways, and at all times.


Happy Summer-ing, friends!

Posted 4 years Ago
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