Hammock Day the Goofy Way

Our friends on the internets tell us that today is National Hammock Day. With help from the 1951 Goofy short, we know just how to take this auspicious holiday Lion Down:
Goofy_Lion Down_1


Start by getting a hammock.
Goofy_Lion Down_2


Make sure you have a place to hang both sides.
Goofy_Lion Down_3


If you don’t, go in search of trees.
Goofy_Lion Down_4


Find the appropriate sized arbor and transport it to your home.
Goofy_Lion Down_5


Prep the area.
Goofy_Lion Down_6


Hydration is key since your plan involves gardening.
Goofy_Lion Down_7


Plant tree and then hang the hammock.
Goofy_Lion Down_8


Cue relaxation.
Goofy_Lion Down_9


Really really relax.
Goofy_Lion Down_10


Until the doorbell rings.
Goofy_Lion Down_11


If no one’s there, go back to the hammock. But be alert… that doorbell probably didn’t ring itself.
Goofy_Lion Down_12


Watch out for sneak attack lions. They have a habit of just showing up.
Goofy_Lion Down_13


And dreaming of stealing your hammock.
Goofy_Lion Down_14


And untying hammocks. At which point disaster strikes.
Goofy_Lion Down_15


And you might get carried away.
Goofy_Lion Down_16


And messed with.
Goofy_Lion Down_17


And possibly hammocked from a building.
Goofy_Lion Down_18


You may find yourself in a hammock… attached to nothing.
Goofy_Lion Down_19


Goofy_Lion Down_20


Serious #UhOh.
Goofy_Lion Down_21


But never fear. Just go back to your yard and start growing your own tree. It’s an investment in the future. You’ll thank us on next year’s Hammock Day. We promise. (And we’re never lion.)

Posted 5 years Ago
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