What Your Favorite Pixar Film Says About You

It’s tough to choose, we know. But for argument’s sake, make your pick and find out what your favorite Pixar film says about you…


Toy Story(s)

Pixar film, Woody in Toy Story
Yes, we’re grouping all three Toy Story films together into one epic saga of emotion, because honestly it’s too hard to choose a favorite from amongst the three. If you love yourself some Toy Story, you probably have a big heart and a head full of memories. We can’t be positive, but you were probably the kid who couldn’t pick which toy to bring on vacation, and found a way to stuff all of your stuffed animals into bed with you at night. We’re not saying you can cry at the drop of a hat, but you get a bit teary-eyed when you take a stroll down memory lane. We’d be surprised if your favorite toy wasn’t still sitting on a shelf in your room, and that’s okay, we feel you on that one.


A Bug’s Life

Pixar film, Flik and Atta from A Bug's Life
A little bit quirky, a little bit of a dreamer, a lot a bit of an innovator, you are an idea person. Where other people see routines or obstacles, you see opportunities. If you find yourself to be a Flik flick fan, you are probably an underdog rooter as well, tending to side with the little guy. Just like the tiny protagonist of this epic of miniature proportions, you’ll move (figurative) mountains one day, or at the very least, ant hills (it’s all relative).


Monsters, Inc.

Pixar film, Mike and Sulley in Monsters, Inc.
If Monsters, Inc. is your favorite Pixar film, you’re probably a big advocate of the buddy film tradition. You’re one of those “ride or die” friends who will go to the Himalayas and eat questionable yellow snow cones with your BFF if that’s what an adventure requires of you. You and your pals might have your differences, but you’re wise enough to always know that friendship is more important than being right. You also have a soft spot for adorable, pre-verbal children, but don’t we all.



Pixar film, Remy from Ratatouille
You love food, you love French, you love French food, you are passionate, and you have no negative feelings towards rats.


The Incredibles

Pixar film, The Incredibles
You’re a classic overachiever, aren’t you? In your chosen sport, you were probably the most sporty. In your favorite class, you probably schooled the whole bunch. You don’t understand why everyone else can’t keep up with your incredible speed, skills, smarts, and fashion sense, and the Parr family makes you feel right at home. And if you ever happen to falter, you can probably be heard quoting Edna, “I never look back, Darling!”



Pixar film, merida from Brave
Freedom: you have it. Like Merida, you’re a free spirit who would rather be wandering the woods, connecting with the land, than doing lessons or taking orders. Perhaps sometimes you wish your own personal soundtrack was the soothing Scottish Gaelic stylings that accompanied Merida’s adventure in the Highlands. You’d rather relax and watch Merida battle Mor’du than fret about the future; it will take care of itself in due time.


Cars (1 & 2)

Pixar film, Doc and Lightning McQueen from Cars
You’d love nothing more than to go on a long road trip, because after all, life is a highway and. Not much for fancy frills, you’re good at appreciating the little things in life like a tasty milkshake at a diner, a field full of cows to be tipped, or a beautiful landscape on the open road. Like Mater, you’ve learned that all of your “dents” are valuable, as they all represent a fun memory you have with good friends. Also, you might be good at driving backwards.



Pixar film, Carl and Ellie from Up
A lover of Up is a lover at heart. You are definitely a romantic and a dreamer. You probably have a lot of plans for the future: romantic getaways, adventures all over the world, and outlandish occupations. While others might sit back and say “wouldn’t it be nice,” you’re one of those brave souls who can put a crazy plan into action, because with enough balloons and the right attitude, life can be an adventure.


Finding Nemo

Pixar film, Dory and Marlin from Finding Nemo
The Finding Nemo fan is ever the optimist. Sure, you may have found yourself in some tough spots before, but when faced with a giant ocean, no short-term memory, hungry sharks, seagulls, no opposable thumbs, terrifying gorges, and a sea of jellyfish, you know that you should just keep swimming. Plus, you know that something good is always on the horizon… like Finding Dory!



Pixar film, WALL-E and EVE
You love love, but not in an overly mushy way. Perhaps you’re a bit sentimental or nostalgic with your head always in the clouds thinking of how things used to be. A bit of a collector of all of the artifacts of the days of yore, you probably have a treasure trove filled with stuff that only you find to be cool. WALL•E fans are extremely loyal friends who would go to the ends of the earth, maybe even the universe, to help out someone in need.


Monsters University

Pixar film, Mike Wazowski and Sulley in Monsters University
A true MU fan is very dedicated. You can appreciate what it’s like to put out as much effort as humanly (or monsterly, monstrously? Monstranly?) possible to achieve a dream. But you might also know that doesn’t guarantee that you’ll achieve that dream the way you imagined. If Monsters University was up your alley, you’ve probably got an amazing work ethic, too, much like a young Mike on the first day of school. Maybe you’ve also got a hint of a competitive streak. (MU RULES! Fear Tech, not so much.)


Posted 6 years Ago
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